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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello Kitty Valentine Coloring Pages

For kids who love Sanrio, celebrating Valentine by coloring these Hello Kitty Valentine coloring pages can be perfect. Moreover, this Kitty is also known to be the one that looks perfect whenever she is dressed in pink or red color. This color combination can be even perfect for Valentine because of the fact that her basic color is white, which is no other else but another color of love besides pink and red.

hello kitty with valentine heart coloring pages
Hello Kitty actually also has an experience in celebrating Valentine’s Day. This is shown in an episode of The Adventure of Hello Kitty and Friends series entitled Picture Perfect. In this episode, it is shown that Dear Daniel, another character that can be found in the series that is also known to be the male version of Hello Kitty because of the quite high level of similarities between them both, take Hello Kitty to a fancy restaurant in order to celebrate the special day but some unfortunate event occurs because of the fact that Daniel does not have quite enough money to pay everything.

hello kitty coloring pages for valentines day
Even if there are not quite a lot of episodes in which Hello Kitty is seen celebrating the very special day, there are still quite a lot of scenes that seem to be perfect to picture Valentine and I use those as the main material of the coloring pages. Those can be Hello Kitty with a cute shape Valentine balloon, Hello Kitty with cupid dress, Hello Kitty with heart shape objects, and many others.

hello kitty be my valentine coloring pages
hello kitty flower valentine coloring pages
hello kitty with valentine balloon coloring pages printable

Spongebob Coloring Pages for Valentine's Day

Have you ever wonder about celebrating Valentine under the sea? If you have never think about such thing before or even think that such thing is quite impossible, these Spongebob coloring pages for Valentine maybe will tell you about how that special event looks like. As you may already know, Spongebob Squarepants is a unique character who lives in Bikini Bottom, a place where Valentine's Day is also celebrated just like any other special days that are usually celebrated in land. Spongebob, who is also known as a creature with a lot of friends, has his own way to celebrate the special day of love.

spongebob and sandy coloring pages for valentine
In celebrating Valentine there are quite a lot of things that he can do as a form of celebration. For example, he can go to the jellyfish field to ride a huge jellyfish while sharing some love to people he meets. He can also ride his friend, Mystery, the seahorse that he ever tried to keep but both of them do not seem to have a destiny to live together as pet and owner, while doing the same thing.

spongebob catching valentine heart coloring pages
Sometimes, Spongebob celebrates Valentine's Day only with his best friends. When talking about his best friends, it is so sure that there are only two other characters in the series that can be said to be the most suitable for the position. Yes, they are no other else but Patrick, who lives in the same neighborhood with him and also Sandy the squirrel. For him, celebrating Valentine's Day with them is always the best. What about you?

valentine spongebob love is in the air coloring pages
spongebob and patrick coloring pages for valentine
spongebob flying with jellyfish coloring pages for valentine

Elmo Valentine Coloring Pages

Valentine's Day is a day that is quite close with some colors that can be used to represent love, such as red, pink, and also white. That is why Elmo is a really cute character that can also be involved quite perfectly in this special celebration because of his bright red color that is simply suitable with the color of heart and love. Instead of giving Elmo doll for those I love, it seems to be fun for me to share some Elmo Valentine coloring pages for all of you to download freely.

elmo with flower bouquet for valentine coloring pages
In the special Valentine edition, Elmo can actually be anything since this Sesame Street's character basically looks cute in any way. He looks so cute while wearing a pair of artificial wings on his back and bringing a quite heart-shape box of chocolate, a type of gift that is also quite popular in Valentine's Day. Elmo can also pretend to be a cupid, complete with his bow and arrow. He is ready to share love here and there just like what cupid usually does.

elmo holding flower for valentine coloring pictures
In the coloring pages I share, there is also a picture of Elmo giving a bouquet of flower. This can be taken as simple introduction about Valentine for kids. You can tell them that in Valentine's Day a bouquet of flower can also be a really special gift in Valentine other than chocolate, which is known to be the most common one. Introducing Valentine' Day to kids with Elmo as the main medium can certainly be easier to do because Elmo is a quite familiar character among kids in most parts of the world.

elmo valentine coloring pages
elmo coloring pages for valentine day
Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yo Gabba Gabba Muno Coloring Pages

According to Greek Mythology, Cyclops can simply be explained as single-eyed creature. Since it is so, of course Muno, as seen in these Yo Gabba Gabba Muno coloring pages, also belongs to the same species. Please do not think that Muno is a scary one because he only has one eye. The fact that you have to know is that Muno is a very cute Cyclops that is very friendly to anyone he meets.

yo gabba gabba muno eating sandwich coloring pages
Other than his friendly characteristic, Muno is a Gabba that is quite popular because of his clumsiness. This nature of his often makes him break a lot of stuff. Even he sounds to be quite lacking because of this, beneath it all he is a Gabba that loves to learn. It is especially when he meets new things. If that is so, he is certainly a good example for all of us, especially for kids who still have a very lot of things to known and learn in this world.

yo gabba gabba muno coloring pages

In a glance, Muno looks like a cactus monster because of his shape and also a kind of spike features that he has on all over his body. Even so, he is not. As stated before, he is a Cyclops. His color is red and he has a pair of fangs that pops out from his mouth. The only facial expression that he shows in the TV show is the smiley one. It seems that he do not have other special expressions just like Brobee that can change from smiley into frown face.
muno coloring pages

muno yo gabba gabba picture to color

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rose Valentine Heart Coloring Pages

Other than heart shape, rose is another thing that found to be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Maybe you already know about the fact that Valentine’s Day is the day of love and that rose is a symbol of love. If that is so, you may find it quite reasonable for rose to be the other favorite item in the special day.

Even in general it can be said that rose is a symbol of love, it cannot be denied that there are only two colors of rose that are known to be perfect as love symbol. Those colors are no other else but red and also pink. One interesting thing about it is that these colors are also known to be the thematic color of the special day.

double rose valentine heart coloring pictures
Sometimes, rose is also combined with other favorite object of Valentine. Now, I share these rose heart coloring pages which contain of the combination of rose and heart shape at once, such as a bunch of roses in heart shape or a heart shape that is decorated with some roses on it.

You can download the pages and then spend time with your kids coloring these while telling them stories about Valentine’s Day, which is no other else but the day of love that was firstly created because of the kind-hearted Saint Valentine whose name was finally used to name the special day. This will be such a wonderful story for them that will also teach them for the first time about valentine.

rose heart and ribbon coloring pages for valentine

beautiful rose heart valentine coloring pages

happy valentine rose heart coloring pages

rose valentine heart coloring pages

Valentine Heart Coloring Pages

This is February and all of us certainly know about what is the special day that we will celebrate in the 14th day of this month. Yes, it is no other else but the Valentine’s Day. In this modern day, this day is known to be the one where all people around the globe celebrate love. Even so, in the past, including also from the historical origin of Valentine’s Day, it was known more as the celebration to recall the memory of Saint Valentine.

art valentine heart coloring pages
In modern life as now, there are quite a lot of symbolism used in Valentine’s Day. One of the most popular is heart which is often considered as the symbol of love.

This may be the reason why in the day there are so many heart-shape decorations and found especially in public places where people usually go to celebrate the day with the one they really love.

Other than designation, heart shape is also found in Valentine gifts, such as chocolate wrap, balloon, and many others as seen in these valentine heart coloring pages.

Giving gifts in heart-shape to people we love in the celebration of this special day means that we really love them with all our hearts. Of course, this kind of thing is not only applicable for couple but also applicable too in family. In family for example, receiving such gift can be so meaningful because it is a form of strong family bonding. This is especially the bonding between parents and children.

valentine heart balloons coloring pages

valentine heart ribbon and roses coloring pages

valentine hearts coloring pages

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Yo Gabba Gabba Plex Coloring Pages

If being asked about the head of the Gabbas gang, you might say that it is DJ Lance. The fact is that Plex, a robot that is pictured in these Yo Gabba Gabba Plex coloring pages is the character that can be said that the head of the gang. The fact is that he is the smartest one. Plex is created by DJ Lance. Even yellow is not the color of all parts of his body, it is the one that can be used to describe his physical characteristic. Therefore he often called as the yellow robot.

funny plex coloring pages to print
Unlike any other robot that you can meet in this life, Plex, which in fact looks rather retro, is actually a magical robot. He has a lot of abilities that make him loved by the Gabbas. One of those abilities is to make every single thing to be real by using his ray. Besides, he is also known as the one who always play songs for the other Gabbas.

plex yo gabba gabba coloring pages

If other Gabbas has realms, which is the most suitable place for them to live in, Plex does not have any. It might because he is a robot and not a monster like the others. Even so, there is a kind of docking station provided for him. This docking station may be the one that he can used to fill up energy when he is a kind of tired. For you to know, this docking station is the one that is located between Foofa’s realm and Brobee’s realm.