My Little Pony Equestria Girls Coloring Pages

It been long time for me to make another tribute for all MLP fans because my last MLP art work ( about Princess Cadance ) was posted on last January 2013. It really long time for every brony artist to express their love to the idol in canvas including me. It doesn't mean that my brony soul was reduced for some months, it just a coffee break to get ideas. :D

Now, I can call this day as my comeback from my hibernation because I just finished special work for all of you. The coloring pages of Equestria Girls.

my little pony equestria girls coloring pages
Let me give my little opinion about the movie first before I show what I've done. This is really great movie for every kids and absolutely for all brony. In 1 hour and 13 minutes, I feel so excited with everything inside. Figures, story, appearance, music are perfect.

My little sister also loves it because she wait for the next episode since Magical Mystery Cure has been released, but Hasbro gives her something more for the long time she spent. Even her nativity is not English, but she still enjoy the story with my little help in translating the dialogue.

And don't forget to give rating for Twilight and her friends on IMDB to make more people know about the other world named Equestria. When I make this post, 6,2 rating star from 10 is given but I think it can be improved with your vote. Vote now here.

mlp applejack equestria girls coloring pages
I'd like to give my two cents for Applejack only because she is my favorite pony. For the other pony, you can make your own decisions. I'll be so glad to read everything you write in the comment box.

Pros : The character drawn perfectly and similar to the AJ in Ponyville. Her cowboy hat, country looking and absolutely her power as a farm girl (take a look when she lift the table when wrapping the messy in aula).

Her most used quotes also there such as "Ahaa, if you say so" or "wait a minute" or this one "shoot your self". Yeah, that's really what I want to hear.

Cons : Why they not shoot the Sweet Apple Acress? I wondering to see how AJ buck the apples from the tree. Is she still uses the same technique or with the other one.

The next is the skirt. I think it not perfect because a cowboy boots are perfect to combine with long jeans.

Maybe you have your own opinion about the new look of Six Mane and especially for the other AJ fans, hopefully you'd like to give your opition about her. I know some of my opinion above are not straight to your mind but you can write your own in the comment bellow.

And now let's check the other five figures that I've made. Hopefully you like my little work for last week. Don't forget to share with your friend if you think it's 20% cooler.

mlp fluttershy equestria girls coloring pages

mlp pinkie pie equestria girls coloring pages

mlp rainbow dash equestria girls coloring pages

mlp rarity equestria girls coloring pages

mlp twilight sparkle equestria girls coloring pages

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