Friday, November 29, 2013

Snowman Coloring Pages

Other than Santa Claus, a really lovable character that is loved by so many kids in all over the world, there are a lot more iconic characters that seem to be inseparable from the special day too. Snowman, including also the iconic Frosty, is one of the examples.
snowman coloring pages
There is in fact a reason about why snowman is considered as another character that cannot really be separated from Christmas. For you to know, it has something to do with the culture of some countries in all over the world which are known as countries with 4 seasons. Christmas always takes place during winter time. That is why people in those countries create snowmen not only to have fun during winter but also because these can be used as Christmas decoration at the same time.

printable snowmen coloring pages for christmas

As a decoration of Christmas, snowman is often made to match the theme of the special day as shown in these snowman coloring pages. The shape is quite the same with other snowmen that are made not for Christmas. It owns body and head that are formed from snow balls in various sizes. Other than that, it is often decorated with hands from branches and also facial features made from various things.

snowman coloring pages to print

The difference is only that something Christmas themed shawl and also hat is added to match the day better. The most commons color used in the shawl and/or hat are red and green, which are also the colors used more often in lots of Christmas decorations.
Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Disney Princess Merida Coloring Pages

For the fans of Brave, Princess Merida is definitely a familiar character. Yes, this princess is no other else but the main character of the movie. Merida is actually the eldest child of a king and queen couple with 3 other kids, who are in fact triplets. Her father is known as King Fergus. It seems that some of her characteristics come from her father, including her brave personality. From her father, she also learns to be a good archer. The fact is that she is actually considered as a skilled archer too in the story. The bow that she owns is a gift she obtains from her father too.

princess merida and her family training eagles coloring pages
Being compared to her mother, Queen Elinor, someone who can transform into a black bear, Merida looks so different. It is not actually about her physical look because if seen physically, Merida is quite the same with her mothers, except for the hair.

It is just that her mother looks so elegant and feminine while Merida is in fact a bit tomboyish. The ways she dresses and do her hair as seen in Merida coloring pages are also different from her mother’s.

As a princess, Merida is not only known as a daughter and sister. She is also known as the owner of Angus, a Scottish Clydesdale horse.

The physical look of her horse seems to match her personality quite the most. This horse does not only look tough because of the black color. It is a powerful horse. That is why she can trust it in many ways.

princess merida and king fergus coloring pages

princess merida and queen elinor coloring pages

disney princess merida coloring pages

princess merida and her horse angus coloring pages

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Disney Brave Coloring Pages

If you remember, sometime ago I fulfilled some fans request to create coloring pages with Merida from Brave in it. I think it would be great if I also create the full collection of Brave coloring pages. So I made them and share them here to be downloaded. These coloring pages seem to be another good collection for Brave fans to grab.

Brave is an animation movie by Disney in corporation with Pixar Animation Studios that was released more than one year ago. If being asked about the tore, it can simply be said that this movie tells about a young princess named Merida and her adventure that begins after her birthday when she receives a longbow from her beloved father, who is known as King Fergus.
disney brave three little princes coloring pages
As a princess, she is actually quite similar to other princesses because of the fact that she is a kind-hearted person.

Creating these coloring pages was still not easy for me to do. As you may already know, the main character of the movie, which is Merida, has a quite long hair that is not straight but curly instead even if her characteristic is actually a bit tomboyish.

Of course, this hairstyle is the one that make the difficulty level of the coloring pages to be a bit higher than other Disney princesses coloring pages when it comes to the process of creation.

Even so, still I was able to finish all these that you can now download the coloring pages easily. Enjoy!

disney brave king fergus and queen elinor coloring pages

disney brave king fergus and queen elinor laughing together coloring pages

disney brave king fergus coloring pages

disney brave queen elinor coloring pages
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Fans Request : Rainbow Dash Equestria Girl Coloring Pages

Two request from two different fans but in the same topic, Rainbow Dash from Equestria girl. I made this post and some coloring pages based on those request. Not surprising for me gotten that request because I know that this colorful also athletic pony has so many fans around the world. Not only that, my previous post about Equestria Girls also reached over ten thousand view in one month after the first release. This series is popular and in person, I love it so much.

cute rainbow dash equestria gir coloring pictures
This post toke long time to be finished because I got little problem with my personal computer and I only able to finish three pictures only. I love the second picture because Rainbow looks really cute. That's pose taken from the dancing scene at the school canteen.

Hope you all like what I've done at this time and any other request are still welcome. Just visit our request page, read the rules and send your picture that you want to be converted into coloring images.
mlp equestria girl rainbow dash coloring pictures

mlp equestria girl rainbow dash playing football coloring pictures

Minnie and Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages for Halloween

Do you know that cute characters will look even cuter when they are created in the scary version of them? If you do not believe in this, you may take a look at some Mickey Mouse Halloween coloring pages that I share here. In the coloring pages that all can be downloaded for free, you will see that it is quite impossible for Mickey to look really scary even in his Halloween costume because basically he is a very cute legendary mouse of Disney.
mickey and minnie mouse halloween coloring pages
Just like all of you, Mickey also loves to celebrate Halloween since it is just a once-in-a-year event. Until now, there are quite lot of Halloween versions of Mickey can be found.

Of course, in all of those versions there is not much difference of the physical appearance of Mickey because the difference is actually located ore in the costumes that he wears, which are of course different from his default costumes.

Since it is rather rare to see him not wearing his default costumes, it is so sure that he in his Halloween costumes is the one that you should not miss.

minnie mouse halloween coloring pages
From a very lot of Halloween costume that he ever wears, it can be said that Dracula costume is the one that is known more often. In this costume, he wears a black Dracula cape with a very high collar. His appearance is even better because he also wears a pair of Dracula fangs. Other than this look, of course there are many others that costumes that Mickey wears in Halloween and you can see some of them in these coloring pages that I share.
mickey mouse halloween vampire coloring pages

mickey mouse with halloween pumpkin mask coloring pages

mickey mouse with witch halloween costume coloring pages