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If you like playing My Little Pony games and you are addicted to them you must ever try to play Canterlot Castle. That is one of games in My Little Pony. Well, there is a unique and outstanding creature living in that area. She is Zecora. Neither coming from Apple Family nor Pegasus unicorn ponies, physically, she is little bit different from ponies. Besides her physical appearance, Zecora is also recognizable with her African accent. All her words are full of rhyming couplets. That is why Zecora is easy to be known by fans of My Little Pony even though she just appears in few scenes.

Zecora is a special creature for me. It takes much time to design this using Corel. I should pay attention to many things in detail. It is because of patterns on her skin. She is not a horse but a zebra. Like other zebras, she comes with stripped patterns on skin. But, here it is. I did it. I can give you some coloring pages of her. But, I doubt that preschoolers are able to do this task. As I said before that this animal is quite complicated. Many ornaments on her skin will make the coloring project hard. So, it is for your kindergarteners at least.

For her skin, you can use dark grey and pale grey. Yellow and black are also used little to color Zecora. Apply grey on the skin. Then, the patterns should be colored with dark grey. She wears an earring on the right ear. Color that stuff gold. The other things that should be gold are her necklace and an accessory on her leg.
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