Care Bear Coloring Pages

These Care Bear coloring pages do reminds me of the cute horses in My Little Pony. It is not that the bears look like ponies. It is more about how colorful they are and also about the fact that they have some kind of symbols just like the cutie mark for ponies. These are what make them so cute. For you to know, the symbols are also known as their tummy symbols because of their placement.

care bear coloring pages
The history of Care Bear is in fact something that I found to be so interesting. Even if at this point of time people, especially kids, know the bears from movies or TV series, at first the bears were actually designed for something else.

They were made for the first time by American Greetings as parts of their products that is greeting cards back then in the year of 1981.

As time goes by, these bears become more and more popular that they started to be in other than just greeting cards until now.

At the very first, there were only 10 different bear characters available and all of them seem to represent the most common greetings often used in daily life.

More and more new characters are always added from that time on, until now there are more than 50 different bear characters available. Well, it seems that those who are fans of these bears do have a very lot option of bears to be chosen as the most favorite ones.
love care bear coloring pages for kids

printable care bear coloring pages
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