Princess Cadence Coloring Pages

The real name of Princess Cadence is actually Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. If you ever watch My Little Pony, you may be familiar with this figure. This Pegasus unicorn is very beautiful and appealing. In some scenes, she is recognized with her lovely romantic story with Shining Armor. I even ever uploaded a coloring page of the princess with her fiance. You can go back to the page if you are interested in having it. But, now, the princess is here alone. I explore their beauty through some angles.

The pictures are available in To have the coloring pages, you do not need to spend any money. All are free.

What you need to do here is just right click the picture and click view. After that, you can right click again and save the pages to your computer. You can print the pictures whenever you want.

Your kids must love this character. Just give the pictures to them. And, prepare their color pencil. It will be such an interesting project for them.

The colors that should be applied for Princess Cadence are pink, purple, little blue, and yellow. For the entire body, soft pink is chosen. Little shade of magenta or bright pink is needed for her hair and tail. So, what blue is for? Look at the unicorn on her head. You need blue for it. Yellow is used for the crown and the necklace since those are made of gold. Purple will make all colors balanced. Just apply the color on her hair and tail like what you have done with magenta.
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