Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why am I a blogger?

The first time when I read a few blogs, I thought most of the bloggers are either those who have very good writing skills or those who are frustrated because of one or the other reason. I don't come in either of these categories. Still, I started blogging. I felt a blog is a platform for me to express myself in my own way. A blog just helps us to know others better and let others to know us better. It’s all about expanding your horizons. It’s about emitting and absorbing. And above all, its fun!!
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When I came across this quote I asked myself- do we accept things that we can't change? And the answer was-No.. Rather we keep on complaining about them continuously. We search for reasons to justify that things shouldn’t be the way they are. We search for excuses to prove that we are right and the circumstances are wrong. Really, one does need calmness to accept the facts of life. On the contrary, many times we have the power to change certain things in life but we don’t put appropriate efforts. We assume that we can’t do anything. Sometimes we give up before even trying and then repent later saying “I should have..” or “If only I had..”

So, I guess, the most important question here is how we know what can be changed and what can’t be. May the Almighty give us the wisdom to know the difference....
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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

If life had a Ctrl+Z

There are a lot of things we would like to correct in our life or do again in a better way. Unfortunately, life doesn’t offer a U-turn.. Jo ek baar kar diya,wo bas kar diya.. Jo bol diya,wo bola gaya.. Per socho agar bhagwan hamien Ctrl+Z option de to?? maza aa jayega na..
Acha..what if this option is given to you only once? What will you do..or rather undo??
Main to abhi soch rahi hu.. aap batayo..
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