Sunday, June 23, 2013

Fans Art - My Little Sisters and Her Friend Coloring Ariel

This time I do not post some coloring pages for you to download. Instead, I will share some photos of my little sisters who colored some pages taken from my website. Kia is the older (green t-shirt), Anin (cute littlest girl) and their friend, Anggi (pink dresses).

At that time I saw just them do nothing in their school holiday. Since I had free time too, I decided to print some of my coloring pages to be given to them and also some of their friends who were also around. Among so many coloring pages that I have posted in this website, Ariel is the one they chose because it looks pretty. This coloring page can be found in Disney Princess Coloring Pages post.

Seeing their expression when I gave the coloring pages was just so relieving. It is not only because I knew that they would use the coloring pages to kill time, but also because I knew that they love the pages too. So, I decided to accompany them a while and see what they were doing. I took some photos also, the ones that I post here. I was just so glad that I could give them activity that could make them away from boredom during holidays.

Hopefully, this little story will be something informational and of course beneficial for you. If you want to share some photos of your little sister or brother or even your kids who are coloring the pages I share here, just like the photos that I just posted, feel free to send them to me via email.
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Monster High Travel Scaris Coloring Pages

Monster High Travel Scaris edition is definitely the one that will never be missed by those who are loyal friends of these exceptional dolls. Then I thought that it will be great if I update the collections of coloring pages with Monster High theme in this site for you to print. This time, I will share some collections of Monster High Travel Scaris coloring pages.

For your info, Travel Scaris is one interesting series in Monster High, especially because of the name, which idea seems to come from Paris. Other than that, all dolls in this series are also exceptionally fashionable as always.
monster high scaris coloring pages

The first monster that is involved in this Travel Scaris is Draculaura. In this series, she looks really simple with Sabrina tee and mini skirt with ruffle accent. Other than that, she is also completed with pink skull handbag and also pair of heelless platform. Other monster that can also be found in the same series is Ghoulia. Unlike Draculaura, there are some special details can be found in Ghoulia. One of them is the very cute blue sneaker heels. monster high scaris deuce gorgon coloring pagesmonster high scaris draculaura coloring pagesmonster high scaris ghoulia yelps coloring pages
monster high scaris abbey bominable coloring pagesmonster high scaris catrine demew coloring pagesmonster high scaris skelita calaveras coloring pagesOne other thing that makes this Travel Scaris series interesting is that there are not only female characters available but also the male one, Deuce Gordon. That is why I did not forget to create one coloring page of his, in which he looks casually fashionable in is sleeveless hoodie and shorts. He perfectly completes my collections of Travel Scaris coloring pages that you can download for free here.

Monster High Class Dance Coloring Pages

Here are more collections of Monster High coloring pages that you will certainly love to grab. This time, the series that I post is Monster High Class Dance coloring pages. As we all already know, these coloring pages are so suitable for little girls who are also fans of the TV series or dolls of Monster High.
monster high class dance coloring pages

Actually, there are 6 different characters that are involved in this series. Even so, I only make 4 of them for the coloring pages. Maybe someday I will make the rest of them to make the collections complete. The first character that I made was Lagoona Blue with her special outfit and also pink straps shoes. After her, there is Operetta with the iconic heart feature on her face. This time she looks rather different because the color of this facial feature matches the color of her red hair perfectly.

Other than those two characters, I also make the coloring page of Howleen Wolf who is also known as a part of the Wolf Family in Monster High. In Class Dance series, Howleen has this appearance with her pink curly hair tied neatly. This pink hair looks rather different by her hair in most appearances that is a kind of orange and rather short.

The last character in my coloring pages collection is Robecca Steam. This coloring page is made with inspiration from the real doll of Robecca in Dance Class series even some parts are rather different, including her hair that looks more flowing. monster high class dance lagoona blue coloring pagesmonster high class dance operetta coloring pagesmonster high class dance howleen wolf coloring pages
monster high class dance robecca steam coloring pages

Tinkerbell and Friends Coloring Pages

In Disney, princesses are not the only beauty characters that are popular among little girls, teens, or even adults. There are also fairies that I know to be as popular as the princesses of Disney. Among those fairies, there is one that can be said to be legendary.

This one is no other else but Tinker Bell, the active fairy with her cute green dress and up-do hair. This active and full of spirit characteristics are the ones that I found to be rather inspirational. Tinker is legendary because she is known since so long ago in the story of Peter Pan. For him, she is also a close friend.
tinkerbell and friends coloring pages
Other than the story of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is also popular because of some movies in which she is the main character. Those movies are including; Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, and some others.

The Tinkerbell coloring pages that I share here are of course recommended for you to grab and then give to your kids or little sisters. It is not only because Tinker is so famous among kids. It is also because the ones that I created are rather easy to color. There is not much complicated design that I included. Moreover, the numbers of color needed are not that many also. There is only one page that I made to be more special because it is also completed with a background to color so that coloring is better be done under adults guidance.
tinkerbell and friends iridessa coloring pagestinkerbell and friends rosetta coloring pagestinkerbell and friends silvermist coloring pages
tinkerbell and friends fawn coloring pagesfree printable tinkerbell and friends coloring pages for kids

Tinkerbell Coloring Pages

These Tinkerbell and Friends Coloring Pages are the ones that I post here as the companion for the coloring pages especially made with Tinker Bell theme. As we all know, Tinker Bell is a fairy that has a lot of friends. Other than Peter Pan, she also has a lot of fairy friends. And here I am, introducing some of them through them in my coloring pages that you can download to print.

All fairy friends of Tinker Bell are special because each of them has different style, look, and also personality. The first fairy friend of Tinker Bell is Iridessa.

art tinkerbell coloring pages
This fairy is in fact rather special because her skin tone is rather dark. Her appearance looks stunning in her yellow outfit. When it comes to profile, she is rather perfectionist and love to do her work properly unlike Tinker Bell that is often act carelessly in doing any task given to her. Next, there is Rosetta that is known to be a very elegant fairy that always acts in well-mannered ways.

Other than the two previous fairy coloring pages, I also share the coloring page of Silvermist that is in fact also a special-looking fairy. She is special because of her very long dark hair. Talking about hair, I also found that Fawn is a fairy character with special hair look. Her hair is also as long as Silvermist’s.

Even so, hers is not flown but braided. Lastly, there is Vidia that looks different not mainly because of her long hair, but more because of her different purple outfit. If other fairies wear short dresses, except Silvermist who wears midi dress, she wears exceptional top and also pants.
tinkerbell flying coloring pages to printtinkerbell and butterfly coloring pagesprintable disney tinkerbell coloring pages
disney tinkerbell coloring pages