Plants VS Zombies Coloring Pages

Plants vs Zombies is a game that is well known nowadays to be played in various platforms, including iOS, Android, Windows phones, and some others. Back in the year of 2009, this game was originally designed to be played in Windows and OS X platform only. It seems that the fame of this game brings it to a better development from that time on so that it is now available in more various platform options.

Basically, this is a tower defense game in which players are tasked to fight against zombies. As shown in the following Plant vs Zombies coloring pages, there are two main types of character available in the game. The first character type is plants. Among all plants available in the game, it seems that sunflower and also peashooter are the most iconic ones. Besides all those plants characters, there are still many others that can be unlocked by playing the game better.

For the zombies, there are also quite a lot of variety of zombies can be found in the game. The most basic one seems to be the garden variety zombie. His appearance looks like an employee that got bitten on his way back home and finally become one of the zombies. Other than this one, there are also; mummified zombie, plank walking zombie, and a lot others. Each zombie type has different appearance and of course all players cannot really wait to unlock them all. The more stages cleared means the more items obtained including the zombies and the plants.
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