Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Moshi Monsters Coloring Pages

Moshi Monsters is actually the official name of a site that is designed for kids to be able to own a kind of virtual pets, which are no other else but the monsters themselves. This kind of virtual pet is certainly the one that is perfect to fill up kids’ leisure. Even so, parents must be aware because each monster has overload cuteness that can get kids addicted as seen in the Moshi Monster coloring pages available here.

Basically, there are 6 different pet monsters that can be kept virtually online in the site. Furi is the first monster of all. Just like his name, he is full of fur. If only his color is white, he will look like a legendary big foot monster or Yeti that can be found in snowy area.
moshi monsters coloring pages
Next, there is Luvli that looks more like a flying tomato instead of a heart with wings. There is also a cool zombie called Zommer that is away from the impression of scary and disgusting that is usually found in common zombie characters.

 If the world has lazy Garfield, Moshi Monsters has crazy Katsuma. This monster is mentioned to have similar physical appearance to that cat because of their stripe colors that has a quite high level of similarities. Other than Katsuma, there is one other monster character that is actually quite similar too to a character in an animation movie, Puss in Boots. This monster is Poppet, who wears a pair of blue boots. Lastly, there is Diavlo that might remind you of evil characters in Diablo the video game but this one is way cuter.
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabba Coloring Pages

Yo Gabba Gabba is children’s television show that is so famous in America. This TV show was on air for the first time in the year of 2007 and it is still a hit among kids right now. In the TV show, there are 5 different major characters that can be found and of course they are the main materials of my Yo Gabba Gabba coloring pages that you can find in this page.

yo gabba gabba coloring pages 1
The very first character in the TV show is DJ Lance Rock that is more famous to be called shortly as Dr. Lance. The appearance of this DJ is really different from the real DJs that we can find in real world. His skin is dark and he has a totally contract orange hair that match the color of hid outfit quite the most.
free yo gabba gabba coloring pages printable
If you see him carrying around a stereo box, it is not actually a stereo box actually. Instead, it is a storage box which shape is so similar to stereo box and of course it is a feature of him.

Else than DJ Lance, there are 5 other main characters in the TV show that are basically monsters. Well, actually one of them is a robot that looks so similar to the robot in The Wizard of Oz called as Plex.

For the monster characters, there are; Muno the Cyclops, the pink Poofa that can be identified easily by her flower feature, Brobee the green monster that is also the youngest of all other characters, and lastly there is Toodee that looks to me as the cutest one, not only because of her light blue color but also because of the fact that she is a cat-dragon a species that can never be found in real life.
yo gabba gabba coloring pages

yo gabba gabba coloring pictures

yo gabba gabba printable pictures

Disney Princess Ariel Coloring Pages

Do you remember when I shared some pictures of my little sisters who coloring my Ariel page? After that time, they asked me for another pages with Ariel on them. It was too bad that I have not created any. That is why I decided to create more Ariel coloring pages for them. And now, I share the pages for you and all young fans of Ariel to download for free here.

Ariel is a Disney character that simply looks perfect and, for sure, so beautiful. Other than that, she is also an interesting character because of the fact that she can turns into human, just like what is told in her story when she wants to meet the man that she is in love with, Prince Eric.

In the story, other than Ariel and Prince Eric, some other characters are also awesome to check out, including King Triton and also Ursula.

As a mermaid and also a princess, there are actually some prominent features that can be found in her. Without any doubt, those features can be used as guides to help you in coloring the pages that I created. For example, Ariel is so famous because of her long red hair. That is why the coloring pages will look best if the color of her hair is not changed.

Other than that, there is also green mermaid tail that she has. The last but not least feature is no other else but her purple brassiere that is actually made from a seashell that simply matches her characteristic as a mermaid.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Sonic Coloring Pages

Do you remember Sonic? It is the name of a main character in a game which is known to be called as Sonic the Hedgehog. This video game is the one that is introduced so long time ago and of course, this game is also a part of my childhood too since I played it a lot. In the game, which is in fact available in some different versions, including; platform, puzzle, racing and also sports, Sonic is not the only character found. There are a lot of other characters found in the game too, including those who are antagonist like Dr. Eggman.

As a remembrance of my childhood memory, of course the one that is related to the experience of playing the video game, I created Sonic coloring pages that you can download for kids, students, or some people else. For you to know, Sonic is a character that is available in some different versions or designs. It is so reasonable then if I also use some different looks of his in the coloring pages.

As a tip that you can use when coloring these pages, you can focus more on using blue and also white color to fill the images that I created. Of course, there is no other reason but because those colors are the main color of Sonic. Even if it is the main tip that I give to you, you have to remember also that actually there are some other colors for other Sonic versions, including yellow for Super Sonic.

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Pikachu Coloring Pages

Pikachu is a character can be found in a cartoon TV series that I used to see when I was a kid named Pokemon. I am not really sure that nowadays kids are still familiar with the name of this character. Even so, the physical appearance of it that is so cute seems to be something timeless and that it why it will always be loved by kids in every era. So here, I give some Pikachu coloring pages as introduction to this very cute creature.

At a glance, Pikachu looks like a squirrel with long ears and also unusual tail. Even so, it actually belongs to the species of Mouse Pokemon. Well, it is so true that finding some real mouse characteristic in it is rather hard to do. Moreover, Pikachu is just too cute as a mouse.
pikachu and friends coloring pages
Other thing that also makes it to be so different from real common mouse is that it has electric power that can be used to attack anyone who does something bad to it or anyone that it meets in Pokemon battle.

In the TV series that I saw, Ash is the one that owns this species. Instead of considering this creature as a pet, it seems that Ash consider Pikachu as his best friends.

As a clue in coloring the pages I share here, this Pokemon mainly appears in yellow color with black detail on its ears and also red stripes on its back. Other than that, there are also two red circles located on its cheeks.

pikachu coloring pagespikachu coloring pages to printcute pikachu coloring pages
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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pumpkin Coloring Pages

If being asked about the taste of pumpkin, maybe I can say that I personally do not really like the taste of it. Even so, it does not mean that do not find pumpkin as a good material to create Pumpkin coloring pages just like the ones that already posted here. As coloring pages material, there are in fact quite a lot of interesting things that I can find in pumpkin, other than the fact that it is actually a quite easy type of fruit that I can create as coloring pages without causing me mush difficulties.
pumpkin coloring pages
First of all, pumpkin is something that cannot really be separated from Halloween event. As we all know, Jack O Lantern that seems to be a very iconic character in every Halloween day from year to year is the one that can be made by crafting pumpkins. In Halloween, this pumpkin craft can be used not only as a lantern, which usually use candle as the main source of light of its. Instead, it can also be used simply as decoration. One sure thing is that Halloween is never perfect and complete without it.

Other interesting thing that I also see in pumpkin is that there will never be too much colors needed to be applied in the pages I created. Even two colors only, which are no other else but orange for the pumpkin and also green for its stem, will be enough to make the coloring pages interesting. It seems that beginners in coloring can also finish the coloring pages without any meaningful difficulties.

pumpkin coloring pages to printpumpkin and scarecrow coloring pagesprintable pumpkin coloring pages for kids
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Monday, July 8, 2013

Goldfish Coloring Pages

Goldfish Coloring Pages are other options to choose by parents to be kept at home and then be given to their kids when there is nothing to do. Of course, just like any other coloring pages, these ones are also suitable to be used to kill time, especially at holidays like this. The difference of these coloring pages with the others is that they look so simple. Maybe it is the main reason why I can say that they are best to be given to those who are still very young.
goldfish coloring pages

The choices of color that can be used to color the pages I post here is in fact quite wide in variety. Even so, if you prefer to teach kids about the more realistic color of goldfish, you can limit the color options on the shades of yellow. Of course, it is not only limited to the bright, but also the rather dark ones, including orange color. Maybe you will need to provide blue color too because other than the fish, the background of each page can also be colored. Blue is nothing else but the representation of the color of water.

goldfish in bowl coloring pages

While spending time coloring the page, you can tell your kids or little sisters and brother about some stories related to goldfish. For example, you can tell them that in some cultures, goldfish is a creature that is special because they have certain meaning. The example is in Chinese culture this fish is in fact a symbol of wealth and also success. Other than this, there are still many other stories that you can tell about goldfish.

goldfish coloring pages to printfree printable goldfish coloring pageseasy goldfish coloring page for kids
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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Fans Request - Disney Princess with Merida from Brave Coloring Pages

This is my 3rd coloring request from our fellow reader. About two days ago, I got a message from Padraic Flaherty contained request about Disney Princess coloring pages. His daughter is obsessed with Disney princesses and she wants a coloring pages with all princess in single image included the new princess, Merida from Brave.

That's really challenging for me because the first time I saw Merida, I was shocked about her hair. A long curly hair is not easy part to draw because I need extra lines and little plan off course. I draw her body, face and outfits first then start to draw the curly hair. I spent about 2 hours to complete Merida and then combine it with the other Disney princesses.
And here if you want to color Merida only. To get other beautiful princess, you can visit my collection here. I draw about eleven princess and sure all can be downloaded for free.
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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Monster High Boys Coloring Pages

All this time, I usually post pages with Monster High theme in this website that focus on the female characters available in the series. This time, I want to try something new by giving you Monster high Boys Coloring Pages to download without any charge. Even in Monster High female characters seem to be more popular they seem to be not complete without the availability of some friends or families of them who are boys.

In Monster High, there is more than ten boy characters can be found. Even so, only some that I think to look more awesome compared to the others. Let us say that there is Deuce Gordon that looks simply exceptional because there are kind of snakes on his head. Other than this one, there is also Holt Hyde who is no other else but the son of the Hydes. This one is special because of his burning hair that literary looks like a burning flame.
monster high boys coloring pages

For the fans of wolf, there is also a male character in Monster High who belongs to the wolf family. The name of this one is Clawd Wolf. Just like any other family member of his family, he also owns a pair of wolf’s ears. The last example that I can give to you here is Invisi Billy with his pale blue skin tone. If you have any request on other male characters in Monster High to be made into coloring pages for your kids or others, just feel free to tell me. Enjoy!

monster high boys clawd wolf coloring pagesmonster high boys moe slow moe deadovitch coloring pagesmonster high boys jackson jekyll coloring pages
monster high boys hoodude voodoo coloring pagesmonster high boys holt hyde coloring pagesmonster high boys heath burns coloring pages
monster high boys gillington gil webber coloring pages
Monday, July 1, 2013

Cupcake Coloring Pages

Cupcake is a food that is the favorite of so many people in all over the world. They are not only limited in kids but also adults. This cake is not only famous because of its delicious taste or various flavors available to try. Instead, it is also famous because of the topping that in fact can be made with any kinds of theme. Creating some cupcake coloring pages, I think, is a good way to let kids imagine about what kind of dream cake that they always thinking about or the one that is no other else but their favorite.

Coloring the pages that I post here with cupcake as their main theme will never be hard for kids to do. First of all, these pages are quite simple in design. Other than that, every color is so possible to use. It means that there is not really a limitation of coloring option that kids can choose for these pages.
cupcake coloring pages
Because of this fact, it is so certain that these pages are perfect for kids to show their creativities. Other than that, these pages are also suitable for kids who just learn about coloring remembering the level of difficulty that is not that high. cupcake and strawberry coloring pagesfree printable cupcake coloring pageseasy cupcake coloring pages for kids
So, there is no need to think too much. It is holiday now and of course it is the right time for kids or little sisters and brothers to spend time doing so many positive activities. One of those activities is no other else but coloring.

cupcake with flower topper coloring pagescupcake with cherry topper coloring pages
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