Friday, August 30, 2013

Spongebob Squarepants Coloring Pages

Actually, this character is a sea sponge even though the shape is more likely a kitchen sponge. He is a creature with optimistic and energetic personality. In Bikini Bottom, he lives in a pineapple house with Gary, his snail. The pet meows like a kitten. However, it is shown in many episodes that the pet is able to speak. Sponge Bob loves it much.

spongebob squarepants coloring pages printable
He works in a restaurant named Krusty Krab. He has a sociable starfish friend, Patrick. People like with its stunning color, yellow.

So, it is undeniable that kids are easily attracted with it. So, if you are going to make them busy with positive things while you are doing something, Sponge Bob coloring pages will be a good alternative.

Everytime we love a movie freakily, we must think that the location or setting of it is real. Then, we keep our curiosity about it. Are you wondering where Sponge Bob lives actually? Is the city really existed? This article will give you some information about it then.

spongebob and jellyfish coloring pages

Well, even though the city is not able to be found in reality, it will be so fun for Sponge Bob huge fans to know it more and more. In the story, it is told that under the sea is the location of Bikini Bottom. It is below Bikini Atoll, the signature island of it. That is stated by Stephen Hillenburg, the narrator of the story. You are able to find a lot of examples of evidence shown in the series.

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Fans Request - Cinderella and Prince Charming Coloring Pages

Cinderella. I think she is the most popular princess among the all princesses created by Disney. You know why? It's because last two days a new email was arrived in my inbox and sent by our reader, Erica contained request about this pretty young lady.

I'm surprised after reading that email because she asked me to make another Cinderella coloring pages but she want a picture where the Prince Charming also shown. Her twin daughter want those kind of picture but she has no picture to be converted into coloring pages and it's my job to find what she want.

cinderella and prince charming coloring pages
It's okay for me to finish those challenges because it's one of so many responsibility of creating the fans request pages and I'm so happy about this request.

Now I just finished two images dedicated for Erica and her twin daughter even it toke a longer time than usual. I bit little busy in my offline job this time and the other team also in their own activities.

The two pictures that shown here originally owned by Disney and I found from Wikia. I'm not the creator because my job is only converting into line art so everyone will be able to download, print also color it at home.

Hopefully this little work are suit to their criteria and if you want the other image that you can't find in my collection, please don't be hesitate to request. It's very simple to do and I'll do my best to assist you.

new cinderella and prince charming coloring pages for kids

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Team Umizoomi Coloring Pages

At this point of time, learning about math is a thing that can be done easier by preschool kids. Moreover, the way to learn about the lesson can be so fun too, just like the one shown in a TV series that is called as Team Umizoomi. This team consists of 3 different characters. They are cute characters known as Milli, Geo, and also Bot.
team umizoomi coloring pages printable free

Milli is a very young girl in the age of 5. Her special feature is red ponytail hair and also pink apparels.

Even if Milli is still very young, she has special superpowers than can be used to face enemies or solving problem.

The types of power that she has are measure, pattern, karate, and the last is ponytail power. Other than her powers, Milli is also known to be the sister of Geo, another main character in the story.

team umizoomi coloring pages
Well, it is not very clear about who is older but it seems that Geo is the younger brother. If Milli is pink in color, Geo is blue. He also has different superpowers just like Milli. His powers are; shape splitter, super shape, magnet, and also antennae.

milli team umizoomi coloring pages
The last main character as shown in these Team Umizoomi coloring pages is Bot. He is a green robot that is also a friend of Milli and Geo. Bot has a quite large screen on his chest and he also has superpowers just like the previous main characters. Learning about math from all of these cute characters is definitely fun for preschool ages.
geo team umizoomi coloring pages
bot team umizoomi coloring pages

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Disney Princess Aurora Coloring Pages

Some days ago we gave you Snow White and Cinderella, there is also Princess Aurora in my Disney Princess coloring pages collection. Not to much because my team are in their own activity and I have bunch of job from my university. Well, this time I only able to share three images but you can request by visiting our request pages if you can't find what are you looking for here.
disney aurora coloring pages
She is my favorite princess because her appearance is so perfect for a beautiful and calm lady. Coming with a pink outfit and blonde hair, this princess must be able to attract your kids easily.

In addition, the story of Sleeping Beauty is really interesting to tell to the kids while they are coloring the page. This story was written by Charles Perrault in 1634. It is still really popular till now.

This sixteen-year old girl is physically beautiful. It is more impressive added by her good personality. She is playful, sweet, refined, and naive. She is cursed by a bad fairy that in her age of 16 years old, she will sleep forever. Because of that, her mother and father do not let her meet anyone. She is kept by fairies around her.

However, the curse still happens. Then, she sleeps and never wakes up. But, it is not for good. A charming prince named Phillip comes and kisses her on her lips. The curse has broken already. Well, you can tell that story to accompany your kids in coloring her Aurora coloring page.

princess aurora coloring pages

aurora and prince phillip coloring pages

Elmo Coloring Pages

Who does not know Elmo? Everybody knows who Elmo is. He is a cute and cuddly monster who gets famous because of his appearance in Sesame Street TV show. He is furry and his fur color is red. Even so, his nose is rather orange instead of red. He does not really look like his mother but quite similar to his father, who also has red fur and orange nose just like him. For you to know the name of his mother is Mae and his father is Louie. It is also told that Elmo actually has a sister and her name is Daisy. She is pictured as the female version of Elmo with pigtail hair.

elmo coloring pages
Elmo, the character that I use in these Elmo coloring pages, is a very popular character in Sesame Street. He, who is also known to have birthday in every 3rd of February, has a good and cheerful personality.

Even if he is a monster, he is not scary at all. Moreover, he keeps a goldfish named Dorothy in a bowl as a pet too. Well, it seems that he consider this fish as female then.

elmo halloween coloring pages

As a Muppet monster, Elmo also has a good singing ability. In the TV series, he is the singer of a lot of songs alone or together with some other Muppet characters. Moreover, he also sings featuring some famous people, like; Rosie O’Donnell, Jon Stewart, and some others. It seems that this cute little guy is really talented, isn’t he?

elmo playing with snowman coloring pages

elmo gardening coloring pages

elmo reading story book coloring pages
Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Disney Princess Belle Coloring Pages

This time give you another Disney masterpiece that become one of the most popular kids cartoon and to complete my princess collection. Belle coloring pages that I made is dedicated for my nephew who loves this beautiful lady so much. Actually I've made the coloring images and has been uploaded in this page, but it's only one. And here I give you more collection and hopefully some of them are suitable to your taste.
belle coloring pages
Beauty and the Beast story is really touching. You must be familiar with that story of course. Telling about the bravery of a feminist girl in facing her life with a scary girl, this story is so epic and memorable.

The popularity is proven by the production of its TV series, and drama musical.People love that to watch that over and over.

It tells about a girl whose dad should keep the words to send her daughter to accompany the Beast’s lonely life. The girl is so sad at first. However, she can face the truth and be accustomed to live with a frightening creature.

As time goes by, Belle falls in love with the Beast tenderly and irrevocably. Finally, it is known that the Beast is a prince. He is cursed since he is so arrogant. The curse will be broken after someone comes and loves him eternally and sincerely.
disney belle and horse coloring pages

princess belle coloring pages
Monday, August 26, 2013

Fans Request - Cinderella Wedding Coloring Pages

Another request from our fellow reader has arrived in my inbox this morning. The message was sent by Lucy and she requested coloring pages with Cinderella wedding theme. She also told me if she already visited my Cinderella coloring pages gallery but her little girl wants something more.

No matter if you can't find the picture you were looking for here because all our readers can request it for free and I'll be so glad to make the things happen.

Lucy sent me really cool picture and asked me to convert it into coloring pages. Actually my team and I able to convert up to three picture for every request, but Lucy only sent one. That's why I finished her request less than a day.

So, what are you waiting for my fellow reader. Find your most wanted picture and send it to us. This service is totally free and always will be.

Brobee Yo Gabba Gabba Coloring Pages

When you see a cute stripes green monster with three orange spikes on his head, surely it is no other else but Brobee. He is one of the Gabbas that can be seen in a TV show, Yo Gabba Gabba. He is actually the youngest among the Gabbas. His age is only 4 and that might be the reason why he is considered by the Gabbas as the baby.

brobee yo gabba gabba coloring pages
Just like what is shown here, the usual expression of Brobee is the smiley face. Even so, as a Gabba monster he actually has something that is not owned by any other Gabbas.

The thing meant here is changing facial expression from his usual face into a frown face. This face occurs whenever he does like something, feeling sad about something or simply because he gets angry. As the youngest, it is so reasonable that he get a bit spoiled sometimes, right?

Other special thing about Brobee is related to the task that is often given to him. The task meant here is rather interesting because it is no other else but tasting new foods whenever the time to eat comes.

brobee playing coloring pages

Of course it sounds like a very fun task to do because there will be a huge chance to taste new and delicious food all the time. If we get this kind of task, it seems that we still have to be aware because we do not really know about how the new foods will taste like.

brobee with baloon coloring pages
Saturday, August 24, 2013

How to Download Our Coloring Pages Quickly

This morning I got email from one of our beloved reader, Kim. She asked about how to download every images in our blog without pinning in Pinterest Board. Actually, you don't have to pin the images you want to download because you can download it in one single click.

The problem is the Pinterest button that will appear when your pointer is over the image. Here let me show you what I mean :

The Pinterest button I made for everyone who wants to share my images in their board. It's so much easier because with this button you can share your favorite images directly. But if you want to download only, just click other area in the images. Don't hit the red button.

Simple instruction to download :

  • Choose you favorite images.
  • Right click on image except the Pinterest button (red button) area and choose open image in new tab.
  • Images ready to save.

That's little tips and answer dedicated for Kim. hopefully make you get easier to download our coloring images. More question, suggest are welcome.
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Zommer Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

Zombies are usually scary, creepy and of course if we really see them we have to run away or we will get eaten and finally become one of them. All of those things will never appear in Zommer because he is a really adorable zombie who lives in the virtual world of Moshi Monster. As a matter of fact, he is the cool one.

moshi monster zommer coloring pages
As seen in these Zommer coloring pages, this zombie has a face that seems to smile all the time. Even if he only has one eyeball and there are stiches all over his body, he does not look scary at all. It looks like he is the friendly zombie.

On him, there are some special features can be found. The first one is his spikey purple hair that matches the color of his skin that is also purple but lighter. There is also a kind of slime that hangs on his mouth. Instead of blood, this slime looks more like grape jelly or something like that.

In Moshi Monster world, Zommer is known to be musician, just like Poppet who is known to play on a band, and he looks very cool when playing his guitar. He will also rock his finger when he is in a happy state.

For your info, there is a kind of special moment that is rarely seen related to this monster pet. The moment is no other else but when his eye pops out from his head. It is kind of scary but I guess everyone wants to witness it.
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Moshi Monster Furi Coloring Pages

Yeti might be the name of a legendary monster that you already know because it is some way legendary but what about Furi? Do you know about him? Furi is actually the name of another monster that can be adopted in Moshi Monster virtual world. The reason why he and Yeti are talked here is because actually Furi looks similar to Yeti as you can see in these Moshi Monster Furi coloring pages.

moshi monster furi coloring pages
In the virtual world of Moshi Monster, Furi is described as a very loving monster. Well, it is undeniable that at a glance he looks rather scary with his fury body, which also explains about why he is called as Furi, large hands and also feet.

Away from that scary look, he is a rather cute monster in fact. This cuteness is the one that can be seen in his default facial look with a pair of round eyes and a smile that always shows his rather large front tooth.

Other than that, the same cuteness can also be found in the truth that he is a monster that loves to dance ballet.

For his personalities, Furi is actually a pet monster that can get bored rather easily. This information is certainly the one that should be paid attention to by adopters if they want their Furis to be always happy.

When he gets bored there are several things can be done to deal with that. Giving him something with bubblegum might work because bubblegum is a thing that he loves the most.

Unknown Games, Moshi Monster

Disney Princess Snow White Coloring Pages

Snow White is a Disney Princess character who is famous since the year of 1937 on her first appearance on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. She is a very young princess with so pure heart and also kindness. It is too bad that this thing brings something bad to her instead. It is the jealousy of her step mother than finally makes her fall asleep like forever because of the poisoned apple the mother gives to her. Fortunately, a handsome prince saves her and they finally become lovers.

snow white coloring pages new
Snow White is often considered as a symbol of beauty and innocent beside the fact that she is also a very kind character. In Disney, she is pictured as someone who cannot see evil thing around her. It may be the reason why she always tries her best to do good things instead of the bas ones.

She is also known to be a very friendly person. It is proven by the fact that she becomes friends with all forest creatures that she meets, including also the Seven Dwarfs that seems to give her a chance to show her protective mother figure.

In all of her appearance, as in the Snow White coloring pages that I share here, she is always shown wearing her princess dress with an up-high collar and also balloon short sleeves. The color of her shoes match the color of the lower part of her dress quite the most and it makes her looks simply pretty in any ways.
free snow white coloring pages to print
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa Coloring Pages

She is pink and she is happy! She is no other else but Foofa, a female character of Yo Gabba Gabba kids TV show. She can be said as a flower monster because there is a huge flower feature on her head. Besides, she seems to look like she is wearing a kind of flower collar around her neck. You can check it out in these Yo Gabba Gabba Foofa coloring pages that I share especially for all of you.

yo gabba gabba foofa coloring pages
Just like what is told previously, Foofa has happy personality. The way she moves, does things, and talks shows that she is a real cute female Gabba. Her voice sounds so calming. It might be the reason why sometimes she looks like the big sister of the Gabbas, especially for the youngest one, Brobee.

As Gabba, she lives in a realm that seems to meet her characteristics the most. It looks like a garden with green grass covering most parts of it.

There is also kind of hills or mountains which tops of them are covered with flowers that seems to be one of her favorite things above all. Sometimes, some cute creatures are also seen in this place, including squirrel with odd but cute purple color and a gopher too.

printable foofa from yo gabba gabba coloring pages free
The name of this realm is even very similar to her name. It is Foofaland. It is so reasonable then if she feels very happy living in that land where she can do many things, like singing, mixing colors, and others.
foofa flowers coloring pages

Poppet Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

Poppet is a monster that looks simply like a pink cat. It is very cool yet so cute in blue boots that can be said also as the main feature of it. This combination between its cute pink color and also the boots that it owns might be the one that makes this sweet creature so popular among girls who finally choose it as pet in Monstro City. One other thing that is found to be so interesting about the boots is that the color matches the eyes of Poppet perfectly.

moshi monster poppet coloring pages
It is not so clear about what creature Poppet actually is. Even so, there is a kind of proof says whether it belongs to the cat family.

The proof is that its favorite food is mice crispies. In addition to that, all Poppets in Moshi Monsters also have moustache-like feature on their face too just like the ones belong to real cats.

One other fact that you have to know is that Poppet seems to be a girl proven by the sound that it makes. Other than that, some versions of her appearance, as seen in this coloring pages that you can get here, shows that she is a girl too.

One interesting version of her is known as Geeky Poppet when she wears plaid shirt that matches her plaid headband and an oversized glasses that just make her look even sweeter. Besides this version, there are some other versions too, like Beach Poppet and Explorer Poppet.
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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Katsuma Moshi Monster Coloring Pages

If being asked about which monster is adopted the most in the Monstro City of Moshi Monster virtual world, it is so certain that the answer will be Katsuma, a cat monster that you can see in these Katsuma coloring pages. As the most popular monster in the virtual world, Katsuma looks so cool, especially because of his facial expression that sometimes looks rather tricky.

moshi monster katsuma coloring pages
At a glance, maybe Katsuma simply looks like Garfield the cat because of the similarity of colors between both and also because they both are cats.

You need to know that actually Katsuma can also look like Pikachu the Pokemon if the main color chosen for him is yellow with black as its secondary color.

The similarity gets even stronger because the shape of his tail and Pikachu’s are quite the same also.

The best thing about Katsuma is not only merely about the fact that he is the most popular. It is also because he is the only one in Monstro City who can gain more and more weight.

Therefore, adopters should be careful in choosing foods for him if they do not want him to be overweight. Even if it sounds rather bad, there is no need to worry because it is not something permanent and the only effect that will occur when he is overweight is sleepiness.

If the effect of easting too much is just like the one that is experienced by this cute cat monster, it is so sure that everyone in this world will be happy.

Unknown Games, Moshi Monster

Tom and Jerry Coloring Pages

Tom and Jerry is everybody’s favorite cartoon series of all time. This series was actually made a very long time ago. To be more specific, it was in February, 1940. This slapstick comedy cartoon series mainly tells about the rivalry of the two main characters, which are Tom the cat and also Jerry the mouse as seen in the following Tom and Jerry coloring pages.

easy tom and jerry coloring pages for kids
Tom, which full name is Thomas Cat, can be described as cat with mainly grey fur. At a glance he might look like British short-hair cat in reality but in fact he is not.

Based on the history of the series, it is known that he actually belongs to the race of short-hair domestic cat. He is rather tricky when it comes to his personality.

It seems so rare for him to defeat his rival, which can also be said as a dinner, that Tom always try to eat, Jerry.

Jerry, on the other hand is a house mouse with mainly brown color. Just like Tom, he is also described as a male in the story. Compared to Tom, Jerry is cleverer. It is proven by the fact that he often defeats Tom by using many tricks even if he is only a small mouse who lives in a small mouse hole in the house where Thomas lives.

One thing that you might not know until now is that the full name of Jerry is in fact Jeremiah Mouse. Besides, he is also known for the first time as Jinx.

free printable tom and jerry coloring pictures

tom and jerry coloring pages

tom and jerry fighting coloring pages

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