My Little Pony Princess Celestia Coloring Pages

Another character that will be explored through coloring pages in this website is Princess Celestia. She is a beautiful pony who teaches the main character in My Little Pony. Actually, she is the leader of Equestria and old sister of Princess Luna. Both of them lead and control the Equestrian Kingdom. But, in controlling the sun, moon, and stars with magic power, she does. It is not surprising at all if she has huge fans. It is because she has charming appearance and good attitude as a leader. Now let's see some Princess Celestia coloring gallery here. Different angles and poses are available to download.

Let us discuss about the process how I create coloring pages of this character. It is such a hard experience because I should pay attention to every single detail of Princess Celestia. She has many curved lines. I should be careful in connecting dot by dot. If I get wrong in it, I should repeat again and again. It is quite challenging for me.

For the characteristics, Princess Celestia has beautiful hair and tail consisting four different colors. Those are light green, light blue, green, blue and purple. In the movie, her hair is sparkling. The sparkle creates little shinning stars. It's the most difficult part when I drawing the images. At least I should make four lines drown in the hair and tail side.

In coloring the pages, you should also be patient. There are some small areas to take into. Be careful in doing it so that you will not color it outside the lines.

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