Monday, June 11, 2007

I love my spectacles..

"So, you wear spectacles. What’s the power?” Although the frequency of this question has reduced after I shifted to contact lens, but still I come across this question whenever I wear spectacles or whenever I tell people that I wear contact lens. And after my answer, this question is followed by “Oh My God! Isn’t it too much?”

Often I hear people commenting on my spectacles or on its power. Yes.. I have myopia, and I don’t find it something that has to be given so much of importance by others. I still remember the first time I wore specs and went to school. I was in 4th standard and I got it because it’s hereditary. My parents were upset about it. It wasn’t easy to accept it at that time. And it was much difficult to handle. Every month I would come home with its glass or the broken frame in my hands. I had extra burden of taking care of it every time I would go out to play. Then there were my friends making me feel more conscious about it and reminding me again and again that I wear specs. I have a cousin, four years elder to me. He would tease me by calling me chashmish. I never liked him. All these things don’t matter now and I don’t have any grudge on him now. But at that time I was a 9 years old kid, who was made to feel that she’s different from others because at the age of 9 she wears spectacles. A kid, who was made to feel that she is inferior to others because she has to carry a plastic frame with glasses fitted inside it wherever she goes. At that time, whenever my friends made fun of me, my cousin teased me or my relatives exclaimed that I am a girl and I have to wear spectacles, I would ask God why I don’t have normal sight like my other friends. I felt people were being insensitive by not watching their remarks in front of a small girl or by showing sympathy which would make me feel even worse. Or maybe I was too sensitive.

It has been 13 years of experience with myopia now and I am not a 9 year old kid. I have learnt to carry my spectacles wherever I go. I started using contact lens because of the heavy weight of the glasses. But I still love my spectacles for a simple reason that I am more comfortable wearing them. I have learnt to manage them well. I don’t break the glasses or the frame every month. :) Those comments and those exclamations don’t matter anymore. Maybe I am used to it or maybe I don’t care anymore. In fact I find it very funny. And yes.. I laugh when someone calls me chashmish. I can't imagine my life without my spectacles. I LOVE MY SPECTACLES.
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