Sunday, September 29, 2013

Goose Coloring Pages

If you are a fan of Disney series, especially Donald Duck, you may remember a character that is called as Gus Goose. He is a lazy and hungry goose that is known to be the cousin of Donald. Right now, I actually do not want to talk about Gus Goose. What I want to talk about is a type of bird, which is no other else but goose.

goose coloring pages
In the cartoon series, Gus is pictured to be white goose. In reality, goose is not always white in color.

The fact is that there are a lot varieties of goose exist in this world, here are some in these goose coloring pages, and all of them have lot varieties of color too.

For example, there is Canada goose that has black color from neck to head and a rather grey color for the rest of its body. These colors are not the ones that it gets since it is still a gosling. A gosling usually has different color that can be said to be a little bit yellowish.

From a lot fun facts about goose, there is one that you should know. The fact is that this bird naturally has the ability to fly in group with V shape. This fly formation is something that often seen when this species of bird is in migration season. The number of gooses involved in the V formation is not always the same. The sure thing is that the number is never too few.

canada goose coloring pages

flying snow goose coloring pages

greater white fronted goose coloring pages

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Hummingbird Coloring Pages

For students, hummingbird become the most discussed species even most of them never see this bird in real life. I remember when I was still a student, this bird in included in natural science class as an example of birds that eats nectar, usually, from flowers just like bees. Even the size of this bird is not as small as a bee still it is included in the category of smallest birds on earth.
hummingbird and flower coloring pages
Other fascinating fact about hummingbird that you really have to know is that it has the ability to flap its wings so quickly. The wings can flap so fast that this bird can eat in midair too.

When it is doing this, it may looks like a large size bee in a glance because it moves so fast while consuming nectar and it can move so fast from a spot to another. Of course it is such a great performance for a small bird like this.

In this world, there are quite a lot of varieties of hummingbird already found with so many different physical features, including colors for the feathers, there is a thing that is always found to be the same.

The thing is no other else but its small and rather long pointed beak, as seen in these hummingbird coloring pages I made.

This pointed beak is actually something so important for all hummingbird species because it is very helpful for the bird in gathering nectar from flowers.

hummingbird coloring pages

ruby throated hummingbird coloring pages

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fairly Odd Parents Coloring Pages

Fairly Odd Parents is another cartoon that I used to watch and I just love it. This series tells about a young boy named Timmy and his fairly odd parents, which are in fact a husband and wife too. Both of them always help Timmy in his life, especially when he has to deal with some problems including the ones that are created by people around him.

fairly odd parents coloring pages
The female fairy in this cartoon series is named Wanda. Her default look is a flying fairy with pink hair, floating crown, yellow top, a pair of wings, and also a fairy wand. Her husband, Cosmo has green hair, the same floating crown and fairy wand, but he wears different clothes that look more like formal men suit.

For you to know, these fairies often change shapes too in the story. For Timmy, he is a young boy with brown hair, blue hat and pink top as his default look in the series.

Vicky, the babysitter, is another person who causes trouble to Timmy. That is why the fairies are always there to help him. Even they are the ones that are known to cause troubles to Timmy there are actually a lot more other characters that cause the same things too, including also one of his teachers that is known to be obsessed with fairies so that he always want to catch Cosmo and Wanda.

Together with the fairies, Timmy faces them all in various adventures that are told perfectly in the stories.

fairly odd parentsj timmy and vicky coloring pages

free fairly odd parents coloring pages printable

nick fairly odd parents coloring pages

fairly odd parents aj timmy chester coloring pages

fairly odd parents cosmo coloring pages

fairly odd parents wanda coloring pages

timmy fairly odd parents coloring pages

cosmo fairy coloring pages
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

MLP Apple Family Coloring Pages

Yeee haaaww, another MLP coloring pages is done today and this time, the big Apple Family become the main topic because I'm big fans of AJ. Not only as a fans of the cowgirl, this is my little second tribute dedicated for all pony lovers that I made for this month. Hope you all like what is shown here.

the sweet apple acres family coloring pages
Talking about Apple Family, off course the first image in my mind is Applejack, Apple Bloom, Big Macintosh also Granny Smith. Sure every Brony and Pegasister already know that the are many others Apple Family member that spread across the Equestria and every pony has different job.

Every hundred moon (Equestria time set) all of them get gather in big party name Apple Family Reunion and this is my favorite episode in season 3 because I can see my favorite pony AJ longer than Applebuck Season other episode which take AJ for the main story.

Now this time for all of you to know more about Aj's family by coloring the following pictures that I've made.  The other ponies are still in progress and I'll upload it here as soon as the picture finished. Don't forget to browse my other pony collection by checking MLP category.

apple caramel coloring pages

apple cobbler coloring pages

apple fritter coloring pages

apple munchies coloring pages
apple strudel coloring pages
apple bumpkin coloring pages

red delicious coloring pages

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Pears Coloring Pages

Pears are fruits that you may already familiar with because you have met or even ate these over and over again in your life. Since it is so, it seems to be interesting for you to know something a little bit more different about these fruits. First of all, not all pears are edible. Some pear trees are cultivated only to be used as ornamental plants.

pears coloring pages
I know that this fruit is famous with its pear-shape, some pears just do not own this pear-shape even if they are also edible. At this point of time, there are already a very lot of pear types already found.

Some of these fruits even have a very unique taste because of the plants that has been mixed with other plants, for example, there is a pear that tastes like guava and it even has the quite same texture with the fruit too. Have you tried this one?

So, pears are fruits with good taste and sometimes you can also eat it to satisfy your thirst because it contains quite a lot of water inside. Other than that, these are basically loved by quite lots of people, including kids. Therefore, here I share some pears coloring pages that can be downloaded for kids.

These pages are also suitable to be downloaded or kids who have not even join in a formal education at school as a form of early introduction about the fruits. It will be great that while they are coloring the pages you also serve the real fruits for them to taste.
pear cartoon coloring pages for kids

pears with leafs coloring pages

single pear coloring pages
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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Hawk Coloring Pages

In the category of birds of prey, it cannot be denied that hawk is so proper to be the coolest one. It has beak that can be used to tear its prey apart. Other than that, it has a sharp that can certainly look better especially in hunting. It may be the reason why there is a term; hawkeyed, which means someone with keen sight. Other than the term, hawk is also a bird that is often used as iconic animal in certain countries or even a logo of certain clubs. In Its performance is even better because it has claws that are often seen to catch and carry its dead prey when it is flying.

peregrine falcon coloring pages
Everything about hawk is just so awesome I guess. That is why I create these hawk coloring pages for all of you to download for free.

In the pages, you can see about the greatness of physical appearance of hawk. There are some species that I involve in these pages.

In reality, you may find out that there are some people who keep hawks as pets because of some reason but keeping a hawk is a thing that should not be done randomly because actually a legal permission is needed for anyone who wants to keep a hawk.

Such thing is needed because hawk is actually a wild and protected animal. If you want to see how a real hawk looks like, there is no need for you keep one because you can see it anytime you want in local zoo.

cooper hawk coloring pages

harris hawk flying coloring pages

red tailed hawk coloring pages

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Quail Coloring Pages

Quail is a species of bird that, at a glance, looks like kiwi bird although it is actually a different species of birds. If kiwi cannot fly, quail is different because it can fly. If I may say, quail is a rather cute because of its physical appearance. It looks rather round and short and this look is just so cute. You can see it in the following quail coloring pages.

attwater greater prairie quail coloring pages
The bird can be even cuter because of the fact that there are quite a lot of species of quail that can be found in all over the world.

Many of them even have some special features that make them look different.

For example, there is mountain quail that has a long crest on its head and it also has a rather colorful feather instead of the one that belongs to brown quail that is known to look like kiwi bird.

There is one other thing that you have to know about this bird beside its beautiful looking. It is that this bird is in fact quite significant also in cookery. Its meat can be cooked in many way and its egg is another delicious ingredient that can be used to create a lot variety of foods.

lesser prairie quails coloring pages

If you love to eat quail egg, which looks like a small version of chicken egg, you have to be careful because it is said that the amount of cholesterol in this egg is higher than in chicken’s egg.

gambel quail coloring pages

northern bobwhite quail coloring pages

quail coloring pages

scaled quail coloring pages

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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Hello Kitty Coloring Pages

Hello Kitty may be a very famous cute cartoon character at this point of time. Even so, do you know that she is actually a classic character that was made a very long time ago? This cute kitty made her very first appearance sometime in the year of 1974. She is in fact a cartoon character that was made by Yoku Shimizu as an addition to the already available Sanrio characters at that time.

After her appearance with other characters of Sanrio, she was known better among a lot of people. Moreover, she also appeared in some items too. The first one was known to be a coin purse. After that, she became more famous and was known for the first time in US 2 years after her first appearance.

hello kitty coloring pages
The fame of Hello Kitty is long lasting one. It is proven by the fact that nowadays, this kitty is still seen in many items here and there.

The very simple design applied to her, as you can see in the free Hello Kitty coloring pages that I share here, is in fact something that creates the long lasting cuteness and popularity.

This cute Kitty also known well with her bright colors that makes her so popular among girls or even women right now.

Hello Kitty is of course a very special character, for me at least. I believe that her fame will last not only now but also in the future. It is just so hard to resist her simple cuteness that is applied in a lot of items right now.
hello kitty and dolphin coloring pages

hello kitty in rainny day coloring pages

hello kitty in the garden coloring pages

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Stork Coloring Pages

For some people, stork may be a type of bird that does not have any special things that they do not adore this species. For me, this bird is simply special. First of all, it has two special features that can simply make it different from any other birds in all over the world. Those features are its long legs and also its beak. Other than that, stork actually also has a rather fascinating appearance, especially when it flies. Right now, there are quite a lot of stork species already found and each species has different colors in their feathers, from the bright to the dark one.

dancing stork coloring pages
The really special beauty of stork, as you can see in my stork coloring pages, is the one that makes it is used as the main object in quite a lot of paintings, especially the ones that can be categorized as traditional Chinese paintings. The use of stork as main object in such painting is not merely about the beauty that it has.

For you to know, it is also about the fact that this bird actually has a certain meaning in Chinese wisdom. The meaning that this bird brings is no other else but longevity.

For some of us, seeing stork in its natural habitat may be a thing that is quite impossible to do because not all of us are living in an environment where this beautiful bird lives. Even so, there is still a chance for all of you to see this bird at zoo if you really want to know about how a real stork looks like.
stork nesting coloring pages

couple of stork coloring pages

stork and the little babies coloring pages

stork coloring pages
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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dove Coloring Pages

Dove and pigeon are two birds that often caused confusion in our mind. Let me give you a simple explanation that might help. Dove is in fact a member of pigeon family. The body of this bird is smaller and usually, it has longer tails compared to pigeon. Other difference that may help you identify a dove is that usually its color is white wile pigeon is rather greyish. For the foods that this bird eats, many people only know that it eats a variety of seeds only. The fact is that it also eats plants and fruits too.

free doves coloring pages to print
Dove is a bird that is used in several societies and cultures as the symbolism of some things. For example, it is often considered as the symbol of love. That is why it is often used as theme in romantic painting or photography.

Other than that, dove is also considered to symbolize purity. The combination of love and also purity is the one that often make dove to be a detail in a lot of wedding party and ceremony. Here I give you some dove coloring pages that you can download for free.

One other thing that you have to know about dove is that it is in fact a bird that can actually live a lot of places around the globe and it is already proven that most of them are found in the area of Australia and also Indonesia. It is so reasonable then if this bird is so easy to find in those areas.

dove coloring pages

pigeon coloring pages
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