Wednesday, March 27, 2013

LEGO Ninjago Venomari Coloring Pages

Completing your kids’ collections of Lego Ninjago can be done by downloading all LEGO Ninjago Venomari coloring pages that I provide for free in this page. Venomari is not a group of hero in the Lego series. Instead, this is a villain or enemy group. Venomari is a part of Serpentine tribes. From its name, it is so obvious that snake is a significant figure for this tribe. Even all characters can be found in this group are villain it does not mean that they are not good to collect. Instead, Lego Ninjago collections will never complete without them.

In Venomari tribe, although there might be a lot of characters available, there are only 4 characters which are more significant to the tribe.

The first one is Acidicus who is also the general in the tribe. His shape is so similar to the shape of a snake complete with fangs.

His weapon is Venomari staff. Other than him, there is Lizaru, who is no other but a great warrior of Venomari. Just like Acidicus, his body and outfit are all in green shades.

Other than the previous characters, which status seems to be quite high in the tribe of Venomari, there are also Spita and Lasha. It can simply be said that they are the soldiers of the tribe. If you download one of their coloring pages for your kids to color, it seems to be better for you to download the others as well because these four members are in one pack. There is no need to worry because each page is free.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

LEGO Ninjago Skulkin Coloring Pages

All coloring pages collections of Lego Ninjago that I provide for free here look cool to collect and are so perfect for kids. Those are not only limited in good characters collections but also the villain characters. Therefore, I also create LEGO Ninjago Skulkin coloring pages for you to download. For your information, in Ninjago series, Skulkin is also known to be called as the Skeleton Army. Yes, it is true that Skulkin is not only about a character but many. Based on Ninjago story, they come from the Underworld and their master is another skeleton character can be found in the series named Lord Garmadon.

In the army, actually there are quite a lot of characters that simply look the same.

Even so, some other characters have special features that make them looks extraordinary.

Let us say that there is the Samukai, who is no other but the king of the Underworld. His special features are 4 hands and also a kind of spear as his favorite weapon.

There are also 3 generals of different elements; Wyplash, Kruncha, and also Nuckal. Among these general, in my opinion Nuckal is the most interesting because there are spikes on his head.

Other Skulkin character which is also too interesting to miss is called as Krazi. Krazi is interesting because if compared to any other characters of Skulkin Army, he has more colors in his appearance. The colors are not only black and white but also red and blue. At a glance, it can be said that his appearance is so similar to a clown or more specifically to a jester. His weapon is another thing which is found to be extraordinary. Unlike any other armies of Skulkin, he prefers to use large golden bone as his weapon. When you are about to download the coloring pages here, you may not forget to download Krazi as well.

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LEGO Ninjago Kai Coloring Pages

Lego Ninjago series is never perfect without the existences of some protagonist characters that are pictured to fight for the right in the story. With the same reason, any Ninjago collections, especially the ones owned by kids, are never perfect without LEGO Ninjago Kai coloring pages. For the fans of Ninjago series, it is so sure that Kai is a character that must be known. If you haven’t known about him before, he is known also as the Red Ninja of Fire. In his common life, here is the brother of Nya, who also belongs to Fire element. Therefore she also has the same outfit color with Kai.

Commonly, Kai is more known when he wears his complete ninja suit. As mentioned before, his suit is bright red in color.

Unlike any ordinary ninja suit, his suit is special because it is adorned with some gold accents in the mask and also armors on his shoulder.

This suit is actually called as the ZX suit of Kai. This suit is actually also worn by other protagonist ninja characters but the armors in the suit are not always gold in color. Some of them wear silver armor for this suit.

Even this suit can be said to be the most common for Kai, he is also known to appear in some different looks. There is a look when he is in his training suit. In this look, he does not wear any ninja mask so that his face is exposed. To collect all different appearances of Kai in the form of coloring pages, including this one when Kai’ face is clearly exposed, you can just download the coloring pages that I share here free of charge. The complete collection of Kai will certainly perfect to be downloaded for kids that they can spend some quality time coloring it.

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LEGO Ninjago Zane Coloring Pages

Zane is definitely a cool-looking character in Lego Ninjago series and it is the very basic reason why I create LEGO Ninjago Zane coloring pages to be shared here so that you can download them all to be given to your kids when they do not really have anything else to do. In Ninjago, Zane is an ice ninja. It might be the reason why he is designed to be white in color. Just like any other good ninjas in the series, Zane is also available in some different looks. In this case, the difference can be seen in the suits that he wears.

In DX series, which is the abbreviation of Dragon eXtreme, for example, his ninja suit is still white in color.

Even so, it does not look the same with his regular ninja suit. The reason is because there is a dragon accent on it.

The color of this dragon accent is gold and it is so suitable to the golden weapon that he uses. Even this suit is special there is one other suit that looks so much better on him.

This suit is ZX suit. This suit is not only made of cloth because some golden armor is added to it. This golden armor can be seen on Zane’s shoulder and also the front part of his ninja mask.

Other than his ninja suits, the story of his early life is actually another things found to be so interesting. Zane is actually an artificial son of a doctor named Julien. When his ‘father’ died, he is recruited by Sensei Wu that seems to be the sensei of most major protagonist ninja characters in Ninjago series. Meeting Sensei Wu can be said to the starting point of his bright and brave life experience as a ninja in Ninjago series.

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