Friday, July 30, 2010


This one is an asymmetrical (oscillations) ambigram which is designed to read either of 2 words depending on a perception shift. No need to rotate!


To invert this image, move mouse over it.
My niece and nephew's names..


To invert this image, move mouse over it.
This is the first digital ambigram I  made :) - names of kids of one of our family friends. 
Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Before & After...

Basement BEFORE

Basement AFTER


Pokemon Coloring Pages

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Unknown Pokemon
Sunday, July 11, 2010

Christmas Candles Coloring Pages

Light a candle in front of Jesus to express your love and respect for him on his birthday. People light candles in Church as well as outside their homes and offices to create spirit and theme of decoration. The lighting through candles add beauty to the celebration. View these Christmas Candles Coloring Pages to bring brighten side of Christmas.
Christmas Candles Coloring Pageschristmas candlecandles printable for christmas

Christmas Ornaments Coloring Pages, Christmas Ornament Coloring Sheets

Find these Christmas Ornaments Coloring Pages to use them as decorative for your scrap books, craft notes and other accessories. The ornamental balls, bells, candies and other stuff are perfect to give your activity file, real scene and spirit of Christmas to set everything in scenic view of Xmas.
Christmas Ornaments Coloring Sheets
Christmas Ornaments Coloringchristmas ornament printables

Christmas Gifts Coloring Pages, Xmas Printable Gifts

Gifts are the attraction of Christmas season because everyone shares Merry Christmas wishes through gifts as a token of their love, affection and attraction for the holidays. Download these printables of Christmas Gifts Coloring Pages to have Jingle all the way. Gift them to kids so that they can enjoy spending their holidays in coloring these.
christmas tree and gifts coloring pagesChristmas Gifts Coloring Pages
Unknown Gifts

Sleigh Coloring Pages, Santa Sleigh Printables

Color these Santa Sleigh coloring pages with your colors to make this blank cart look glittering and colorful to carry Santa and gifts during Christmas season. Hold your crayons to color the Santa Claus cart driven by reindeer to reach various houses by traveling in sky as well as snow.
santa sleigh coloring printablesSanta's Sleigh
sleigh full of gifts coloring pageSleigh Coloring PagesSanta Sleigh Coloring PagesChristmas Sleigh Coloring Pages
Unknown sleigh

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Coloring Pages

Present these Disney based coloring printables based on favorite cartoon characters - Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. They together have come to share warm Merry Christmas wishes with their fan followers through these free gallery of Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Coloring Pages available in various sizes and designs.
Minnie Mouse Christmas Coloring PagesMickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas Coloring Pages
Unknown disney-cartoons
Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random post

I had written the tittle in German and published this post, but when I translated it later, I found out that I really messed up what I wanted to say :( Anyways.. this is just a random post..
My status has been updated from Miss to Mrs :) and I am happily married for about 5 months :) Now I have my classes starting in another 1.5 months. So, yes, Life is going great!
Being on a dependent visa in U S of A can cause boredom for some people. I guess I have been an exception so far :D Nah, it was not at all depressing as I heard from many people I know. It isn't really difficult to spend some time if you have some hobbies and you keep yourself busy. These 5 months have given me a lot of time to hone my sketching skills. I have posted a few of them and have done a few more apart from those but since they are not my original ideas I can't publish them here. I am not a great artist, I am just learning it, so I have to look for some inspirations.
That's all for now! Will try to update my blog more often!

P.S.- Listening to: Zoobi doobi from 3 Idiots.
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Friday, July 9, 2010

Baby Looney Tunes Coloring Pages

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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fishing Coloring Pages

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Unknown Fishing