Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Zahir

Yippee.... I finished reading another book by Paulo Coelho.. The Zahir.. Zahir means something or someone which, once we have come into contact with, gradually occupies our every thought. It can be considered either a state of holiness or of madness. The book has nice philosophy in it. I liked it a lot.

Loved the part where author compares himself to a cathedral. The story about circle of love is lovely. “No one should ever ask themselves that why am I unhappy.”— the paragraphs following this line are awesome. A part of the book does inspire to forget your past. I got a bit confused with the explanation of the acomodador part yet liked that too!!

The best part of the book is when he understands what Zahir actually means and writes a few examples from daily life to which we can easily relate.

Now, coming to its plot. I find a few things little ridiculous. According to him, he and his wife, Esther are happily married for 10 long years, having everything one can expect in life. Money, fame and above all, love. And then one day this supposed to be happily married lady leaves her husband without telling anything because she felt something was MISSING. So she herself goes missing!!!!

Now if you feel that something is missing in your life, should you face it, talk about it and try to find a solution, or should you just run away from it in peace, leaving the other person worrying for you. Is it that we don’t realize the worth of what we have till we lose it? And the husband, who claims to love his wife, falls in love with another woman, Marie. Initially it is because he wants to forget Esther. His “this” concept of “love” is beyond my level of understanding. Then he realises that Esther has become his Zahir, but did he think once that even he can be Marie’s Zahir. I was just wondering how the book would look like if Marie writes it in her words if she realises that he was her Zahir!!

Amazing work of philosophy.. Paulo is truly worth all the appreciation he gets..
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Saturday, September 22, 2007


Allrite.. I am not a fan of Ekta Kapoor’s K-stuff, but.. but.. but.. happened to listen to this one.. and in one word.... AWESOME. Fell in love with this one when I heard it for the first time. Great lyrics.. Beautifully sung..

Kade paer zamin te na paundiyan, Vich arshan de ghumdiyan rehndian
Na te jeen e den na te maran e den, Kade hasdian rehan kade paundian ne vaein
Kitta marjanian ne, paida insaan ne, Pal pal jaag janda nava aarman
Kade paer zamin te na paundiyan, Vich arshan de ghumdiyan rehndian
Na te jeen e den na te maran e den, Kade hasdian rehan kade paundian ne vaein

Khwaish.. I just love this word.. ajeeb baat ye hai ki insaan ki khwaishon ka koi aant nahi hai.. even I have lots.. I wish...
...That i could actually wake up in the morning listening to alarm
...That i have long longggggggg hair
...That the radio would only play music I like without any advertisements
...That I could learn to play guitar someday
...That I could swim
...That i could eat lots of chocolate cakes and ice creams without putting on weight
...That i could sit by the beach at sunrise watching a new day in beginning
...That I had less wishes :)
And lots more.. Therez a long list.. Just like you.. Just like everyone else..

By the way, here’s a sher from promos of Khwaish...
Kehte hain... har kisi ko muqammal jahaan nahi milta,
kabhi zamee toh kabhi aasamaa nahi milta,
mujhe pyaar toh mila, meri bhi khwaish poori toh hui,
par poori hokar bhi adhoori – Khwaish…

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Friday, September 21, 2007

Hate or no hate..

A friend of mine has a strange problem. One of her friends, whom she doesn’t like, is being nice to her. Funny eh?? Not for her!! According to her shez stupid and by that i mean really stupid. The first question that came in my mind is how can you dislike, hate, feel like killing etc etc etc someone who is being nice to you. Strange situation!! For those goody goody readers who are gonna tell me that we shouldn’t hate anyone at all, the fact remains that we do come across people who are irritating, whom we dislike and whom we want to avoid. It’s as true as the fact that there exist people who dislike us and would love to avoid us. :) So, what should one do in such a situation?? Let me see what options I think she has:
  1. Be rude and try your level best so that the person hates you..
  2. Be good to that person but continue disliking him/her..
  3. Be good and try to change your feelings..
  4. Ignore the person and his/her goodness and stupidity..
  5. Feel guilty for hating someone whoz nice to you..

So, what should she do???


One of my favourite one-liners:

I'm cursed with a good memory.
A good memory also means I have to remember the bad memories!!! Even those bad sectors of life, which I don't want to remember. I don’t know why people say forget the bad memories and remember the good ones. It’s not practical. One can be happy for 23 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds in a day. But for one second that thought which you don’t want to remember flashes in your mind, that one moment which still lingers in mind.. that one stupid thought that still haunts.. that one person about whom you don’t want to think.. that silly moment you hate to remember.. Yes.. for that remaining one second in 24 hours you are reminded of that pain.. of everything. And then.. remose.. anguish.. grief.. guilt.. regret.. shame.. sorrow.. whatever.. And as a friend of mine said: “wo ek pal baki k sabhi paloon pe bhari padta hai.” I wish I could erase those sad little memories forever. Hmmm.. Are you thinking about your bad memories? Started blaming your good memory for bad memories ehhh?? Hey.. hey.. Am I a part of the bad memories section of someone's memory? Maybe.. I wish I wasn't.. I wish I could erase those too. Even I would have hurted people, but I don't remember everytime I did that. So, how can I say I have a good memory?
Do you have a good memory?
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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kayamath.. I just love it!!

I should have posted this video 7 months back when I saw it for the first time.. Nevermind!! Better late than never.. The present plot is extremely silly.. as expected!! Those of you who follow it must be knowing the reason.. I hate it more each time I see this video.. Butttttttttttttt I still love this video and the song as much as I did 7 months back :)

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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My first ambigram - PANSY

Here's my first ambigram. :)
Inspired by Dan Brown's Angels & Demons..
Monday, September 3, 2007

Graduation Day..

We had our graduation day on 1st September. It was rocking. The arrangements were superb. We all were given black gown, cap and hood to wear. We marched from main library till football ground along with the band. Then we had an inspiring speech by our chief guest Dr M H Kori, technical director, Alcatel-Lucent Technologies. After this they let free pigeons and balloons in the sky. The scene was absolutely superb. We were made to take oath by our vice-principal. For the first time in 3 motnths I had the feeling of being a graduate. It was a wonderful moment. Each one of us was called upon the stage and given a certificate. We all enjoyed a lot. From 1pm till 7 pm we talked non-stop. We were given a memento which had a group snap of all classmates. It was great meeting all friends after such a long time. While sitting there I was thinking about the first day of my college. All of us were strangers. Now the faces were familiar. I thought about the four years I had spent in this college. There had been some good moments and some not-so-good. But the good moments are more than those not-so-good moments. I thought of those good moments. A smile came on my face. Thanks DSCE.. for all those special moments and thanks to those people who made them special. Then I thought of those not-so-good moments. Those things that matter the most at some point of time seemed so irrelevant now!! A smile came on my face again. A smile.. for being childish. A smile.. for giving importance to those who don’t deserve it. A smile.. for all those assumptions and imaginations. Someone has rightly said that all is well that ends well. Sometimes an end can be a new beginning... a better beginning. Philosophy!! Chalo yeh kabhi aur. About graduation day, this was one of the best days in my life. It feels great to be a graduate. Congrats to all my batch mates. :)

P.S.: When we came back after returning the gown and stuff, I was little sad. To those whom it concerns, I already told the reason!!