Monday, December 2, 2013

Santa Claus Coloring Pages

Christmas without a Santa is never complete. Moreover, it is so possible for a lot of kids to feel like broken hearted if Santa does not exist in every Christmas. It may be one of the reasons why Santa Claus is a character that can never be separated from this special day of Christian people. Even if it is so, Santa is actually more than just a character loved by everyone in the special day. Santa Claus is in fact someone that inspired people to do kindness.

funny santa claus coloring pages for kids
According to history, the real Santa Claus did not look like the image of him that is more known right now. He was known more as someone who helps those who are in need, especially children. The way he helped others was by giving various kind of gift in every certain day. It may be the reason why finally Santa is pictured as someone who always brings a lot of gifts in Christmas day to be given to kids in all over the world. He travels around the world by riding a sleigh ride pulled by flying reindeer.

santa claus with sunglasses coloring pages
As seen in these Santa Claus coloring pages, at this point of time Santa is known more as a chubby character with white hair, beard, and moustache. Other than that, he also wears red outfit with white accents in some parts. This outfit is made perfect with a hat in the same color. This hat is so iconic in Christmas day that people often wear it when celebrating the special day.