Monday, January 19, 2009

Christmas Tree Coloring Pages

Christmas is on the cards so get ready with your christmas tree decorated with bells, stars, ribbons, lights, balls and other ornaments. Kids can also participate in tree decoration by making their own christmas tree in the form of printable coloring pages. Download these christmas tree coloring pages to give new look according to your own choice and colors. Merry Christmas Tree Coloring Page
Christmas Tree Coloring Pages
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Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids

Do some creative and interesting work to spend your christmas holidays. Try out our christmas coloring pages for kids specially prepared to improve craft skills of coloring. Christmas bells, decorations, santa, stars, tree, snowman and other fun interactive printables best loved by little kids and children.
Christmas Coloring Pages For Kids christmas coloring page kids
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Monday, January 5, 2009

Valentine Day Coloring Pages

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Elmo Coloring Pages

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Ben 10 Coloring Pages

Ben 10 Coloring Pages 001
Ben 10: Alien Force is a sequel series to Cartoon Network's popular animated program, Ben 10. This sequel series takes place five years after the original Ben 10 series. As an indirect result, this series is darker in tone compared to its predecessor.
Ben 10 Coloring Pages 002
The series premiered on Cartoon Network on April 18, 2008 and ended on March 26, 2010. It has since been premiered in Canada, on Teletoon.
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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Oh yes, we can..

Almost 6 years back, when I met my 6 years old cousin, we had a small conversation. Their house is a place where i had spent most of holidays. It’s a calm place, with a lovely house and a few plants and trees outside the house (but before the main gate). My then 6 years old cousin asked me how do I celebrate my birthday and then he told how he celebrates his birthday. He said he wanted to do something different on his birthday. And my answer was something like – hey, you know if I had so much of place in my house, I would plant a tree on my every birthday and see it growing along with me. And then we discussed about trees and plants, their importance and how they are felled every now and then. This was a conversation some 6 years back and I had almost forgotten it. 2 days back, I was in kitchen before i entered the room where 3 of my cousins (one of them is 16 and two of them are12) were having some discussion. When I entered, I heard ‘I will be planting some trees this year on my birthday. I want to do something for our environment’. Someone questioned him ‘How does it matter if a single person does all this?’ His reply was ’Why not? Boond boond se sagar bharta hai’. He looked at me and smiled. There was a spark in his eyes to do something. He has realized he can make a difference. Who says a single person can’t make a difference? He has. We can; in our own ways.