Friday, December 28, 2012

Angry Birds Star Wars Coloring Pages

Can you imagine what will happen if Angry Bird and Star Wars are merged? It must be unique and legendary. Because of that I bring out the idea and explore it through coloring pages. All are great here. I design the cute bird with Star Wars costumes. You can see the pictures. Angry Birds and its friend will look like a powerful hero. They are super fantastic with that costume, right? With some hair and a sword, it looks Obi Wan Kenobi.
I had that brilliant idea when I watched the movie. Then, near the place where I sat down, I looked at my little sister’s Angry Bird doll.

It was really cute there. After that, the idea came. I run into my laptop and started doing that project. Then, here I upload the picture in this website.

You can have it all for free. But, there is no color there. Your task is making the picture more colorful and stunning by applying some colors.

If you have difficulties in choosing intended colors for that character, you can cheat and find the colored picture of Angry Bird to do the task.

It is good to spend much time at home in your holiday. My idea will accompany you through coloring pages that you have downloaded. Coloring is a fun activity to do. You can even color the pictures together with your sisters. Ask your mom to give you some snacks and a glass of lemonade. That will make the activity more fun.
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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Shining Armor Coloring Pages

Do you still remember a wedding scene showing up in My Little Pony series? Well, if you do, you must still remember the pony who gets married with Princess Cadance, right? That is true. He is Shining Armor, the male pony who leads Crystal Empire. He looks manly with his athletic figure. Still, like other ponies, he also has a unicorn on his head. It must be interesting to get complete characters in your coloring pages of My Little Pony, right? So, I have an idea to include this good looking male pony into my website. I create some pictures of him and upload in Coloring99 so that you can download it.

Your little kids will be so excited finding Shining Amor in their collection. Automatically, they remember about the beautiful wedding of his and Princess Cadance’s.

They will have new spirit to continue coloring after getting some bored with same pictures in the bindle.

A male character in My Little Pony gives different color for kids. They will think that coloring pages that they have are various. Various media are good to stimulate them doing the activities.

If you are broke but you need to give a work book for your kids, this page is a totally brilliant solution to go. Shining Armor is one of my favorite pictures I make. It is because I never make a male horse before. Then, I find that Princess Cadance has a fiancée so that I look for that one and make the coloring page of it.
Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Angry Birds Space Coloring Pages

What is going to happen if Angry Birds have vacation to the space? It will be an incredible experience in their life. They have a mission for going there. Red Bird, Blue Bird, Yellow Bird, Black Bird, White Bird, Boomerang Bird, Big Brother Bird, Orange Bird, Pink Bird, and Mighty Eagle start their adventure in space. They are challenged to accomplish a mission. In videogames, you must have seen that. Then, now, you can enjoy that through pictures. I put the idea on a canvas using design software. I make the picture with some different situation and condition around them. But, the pictures are still under the same umbrella, Angry Birds Space.

Coloring the pages of Angry Birds is a fun activity to do. In addition, based on the characters, Angry Birds are defined with different colors. Red, white, black, blue, yellow, orange, and pick are used for each Angry Bird.

After coloring the pages, you may get an impressive value. All Angry Birds are mingled with their own different colors. So, they will look like rainbow.

Speaking of quality of the pictures, you do not need to be afraid. All of pictures I create here, including Angry Birds Space are designed by paying attention to many details and in quite high resolution. So, if you print the pages, you will not have any problem with blurry images. And, your kids get easier in coloring the pages. Just prepare some snacks, drinks and color pencils. You can start the mission by now. Your creativity will be broadening up here.
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Angry Birds Rio Coloring Pages

For those who like playing video games a lot, Angry Birds Rio must be familiar enough for you ear. The game by Rovio Entertainment is very challenging and also interesting. In this game play, Angry Birds are kidnapped. They are taken to Rio. Your mission here is not saving eggs of the birds from evil pigs. Players should rescue exotic birds from marmosets. Those are caged. The difficulties are based on the level that you are going to play.

From the description above, you may get the point that you will get so much fun from Angry Birds Rio. I know that. That is why I think it will be great to bring that adventure into my website. Then, I get some spirit to design Angry Birds Rio for my coloring page collection. Of course I do my best efforts in the project so that you can obtain high quality coloring pages of Angry Birds.

I should find some themes to be combined with the characters. Then, here they are. You can see some pictures with different poses. I missed my sleep time to do the pictures. I try to make all perfect so that you can print it and be satisfied with the quality of the coloring pages you download.

For me, personally, giving something free does not mean that I should ignore the quality. I keep it as the top priority so that you will not regret for downloading the pictures from this humble website. So, enjoy your download and coloring activities.
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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Angry Birds Character Coloring Pages

I have some collections of Angry Birds coloring pages in this website. But, my way is not stuck in Angry Birds Rio. I keep searching what theme I should provide to complete the collection of Angry Birds coloring birds. Then, my imagination lands on to character exploration of Angry Birds. I think it is cool to present what birds involve in the game. That is why I just make each figure big and stand personally. It is good for preschoolers since the figure is the focal point in the page.

No destruction will be found here. Your kids can focus on the figure only. It is good for kids who start learning colors and shapes. The thing that they should pay attention to is just the figure. To make the kids more interested, you can tell them some stories about Angry Birds. So, they can imagine situation where the birds usually state on. It helps the kids build their creativity. You can even accompany them in coloring. It is good too to tighten your bonding up. You will be closer to them.

All of my collections are available in this website. I dedicate my time to create some pictures for you. Then, you can download all including Angry Birds character coloring pages for free. You will not be charged for all coloring pages offered here. Just save to your computer and print whenever you need it. You can even collect and bindle the collection. Then, put on your shelf. Take it out when your kids need some activities to do in their free time.
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Angry Birds Coloring Pages

Angry Birds are booming today. All people in any age love to collect all stuff about it such as bedding items, dining set, stationary things, and even outfits. Showing up with cute characters and unique figure, all birds are easy to get love from anyone. That is why people are interested in the cartoon much. Actually, they firstly know Angry Bird from video games. There are a lot of series available in the market. Maybe, it is the reason why people are challenged to play again and again. After playing series A, they must be wondering about series B. They will not get bored for it.

Now, it is time to stop keeping touch with electricity and screen for a while. Well, it is true that you will get so much fun from it. But, if you keep doing that over and over without getting a rest, it is not good for your health especially your vision. So, going this website is a good solution to try. You will meet your favorite characters, Angry Birds here even though all of those are provided not in game play form. It is coloring pages. You can still make fun with Angry Birds here. Even you will not be charged for downloading the pictures.

This website can be accessed by anyone for free. So, you will get something without losing anything here. I create some pictures to be colored with Angry Birds theme. Just get them all to complete your collection. Trust me that it is not less interesting compared to playing games, right?
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Monday, December 24, 2012

Big Macintosh Coloring Pages

After getting to know some characters in Angry Birds, let us go back to My Little Pony. I forget to give you something. Well, it is my bad actually. I have not finished exploring all characters in the cartoon series yet. So, let me do the project thoroughly. Big Macintosh is a character that should be listed here. And, I do now. I design several pictures of that character using my beloved software program. The result is really cool. Because of that, I am going back to My Little Pony series and starting with this character.

Big Macintosh is not his real name in My Little Pony actually. His original name is Big Apple. He belongs to Apple family. So, he does not included into Pegasus unicorn creatures. He is so cute with his bigger body compared to other ponies. Even though he appears in Applebuck Season only, people must still remember with his identical words eeyup and nnope. He often says the words with his slow voice.

 Now, you can have some pictures of them. I include Big Macintosh into My Little Pony collection because he has special stuff that makes people keep stuck on him. I also bring him into this website to make you not bored with the same pictures over and over. You can try to color this coloring page for variations. Remember, that fuchsia is the main color for his entire body. Cheese yellow is chosen for his hair and tail then. For apple emblem on his butt, apple green is so totally perfect.
Saturday, December 22, 2012

Zecora Coloring Pages

If you like playing My Little Pony games and you are addicted to them you must ever try to play Canterlot Castle. That is one of games in My Little Pony. Well, there is a unique and outstanding creature living in that area. She is Zecora. Neither coming from Apple Family nor Pegasus unicorn ponies, physically, she is little bit different from ponies. Besides her physical appearance, Zecora is also recognizable with her African accent. All her words are full of rhyming couplets. That is why Zecora is easy to be known by fans of My Little Pony even though she just appears in few scenes.

Zecora is a special creature for me. It takes much time to design this using Corel. I should pay attention to many things in detail. It is because of patterns on her skin. She is not a horse but a zebra. Like other zebras, she comes with stripped patterns on skin. But, here it is. I did it. I can give you some coloring pages of her. But, I doubt that preschoolers are able to do this task. As I said before that this animal is quite complicated. Many ornaments on her skin will make the coloring project hard. So, it is for your kindergarteners at least.

For her skin, you can use dark grey and pale grey. Yellow and black are also used little to color Zecora. Apply grey on the skin. Then, the patterns should be colored with dark grey. She wears an earring on the right ear. Color that stuff gold. The other things that should be gold are her necklace and an accessory on her leg.
Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Spike Coloring Pages

After sharing information about main characters in My Little Pony, here I discuss cameo characters to give you thorough information. Spike is one of characters that I think it is important to discuss. It is a baby dragon. He is an assistant of Twilight Sparkle. Besides being an assistant, Spike is also Twilight Sparkle’s best friend. Have ever seen some scenes in My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic? Spike is one of the imperative characters in that series. To know further, Spike is a playful, sensitive, and generous, and bit greedy character in the series. But, he is really loyal to his "boss", Twilight Sparkle.

You can have pictures with various angles and poses in this website. All pictures are able to be accessed by anyone for free.

You can have all pictures even without paying. It is good, right? Well, you can download now and print the pages for fun activities.

If you have no idea what colors you should pick for this dragon, you can follow my suggestion here.

First, pick blue for his whole body. Then, green is for his eyes, front part of the body, and also hair. But, you need three different greens actually. The spiky hair is the darkest of all. For the eyes, those should be little brighter than the hair.

For the front body, it is the brightest one. You should be careful in coloring the picture where Spike is playing. It has small areas that must be hard to be colored.
Monday, December 17, 2012

My Little Pony Princess Luna Coloring Pages

You must be familiar with the picture. It is true because I ever upload the same character picture in this website. But, I use a different heading. Nightmare Moon is the name that I used as well. In My Little Pony, the real name of Nightmare Moon is Princess Luna. She is a sibling of Princess Celestia. Because of that, similarly with her older sister, Princess Luna also has talent in magic. Several magic skills are mastered by her such as raising the moon, manipulating weather, wielding the harmony elements, talking through the moon, manipulating dreams, and transforming into some objects.
New Princess Luna Coloring Pages

She looks adorable with her big wings. But, it may be little challenging for you since there are some tiny areas that must be hard to be colored. I provide some options of pose that you can pick. First, you can have Princess Luna while her wings are spreading. Second, you can also have a picture when Princess Luna is still a baby. Third, I provide you winter situation in the picture of Princess Luna. She is wearing a flattering winter coat.

As I told you, that blue and purple are the most color used for this character. For more guides, you can open the previous page where I upload pictures of Nightmare Moon. Then, you can follow the rule. If you want something different, you can color the winter coat based on your own version. Or, you can find Luna with her winter coat in internet. Then, color the page based on the colored picture.
Sunday, December 16, 2012

Rainbow Dash Coloring Pages

Besides Spike, there is still another main character in My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. If you still remember the story, you must not forget about a creature whose task is maintaining the weather. She is also responsible in cleaning the skies in the place where ponies live, Ponyville. It is the last pony with her lovely pet introduced in the series. After him, there is no introduction of pony’s pet anymore. Well, she has Tank for her pet. Tank is a turtle actually who always cheer Rainbow Dash up.

Speaking of her characters, she is playful and loyal. She is also mischievous sometimes. Ponies also know her with her laziness, competitiveness, and brashness.

Whatever it is, she is happy doing her job for Ponyville. She is flying to manipulate the weather and clean the skies. To know further about Rainbow Dash, you can go to some websites which provide information about her.

Here, what I focus on is pictures of Rainbow Dash. Honest to say that it is the most challenging picture I make for My Little Pony session.

She has many ornaments to create from head to toe. So, I strongly tell you that this picture is not for kindergarten or preschool students.

It is originally for elementary school children. If you are interested in the picture, you are able to download it. Then, print it for your students or kids. You can access the page without being charged no matter how many pictures you download from this page.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

MLP Scootaloo Coloring Pages

It seems that I am blabbering too much about My Little Pony. Yes, I am. It is because I think that the series is really lovely and interesting. All characters are attractive to dig out more and more. In addition, those are great for kids. Most of kids love the series. Because of those reasons I bring a lot of characters in My Little Pony into my website. Just guess, which character will I want to provide with some pictures now? To get an exact answer, you are able to cheat by looking at the picture.

my little pony scootaloo
Yes, the answer is Scootaloo. It is a little Pegasus pony. She is still in school age. One thing that I am interested in about this character is that she is not like other Pegasus ponies. Generally, the Pegasus ponies are able to fly. But, she has not. It is because she is still a kid. Even though, she has not been able to fly, she is good at driving a scooter in high speeds.
funny scootaloo coloring pictures to print

mlp scootaloo coloring pages

She adores Rainbow Days whose the job is manipulating weather and cleaning the skies. When she looks at the sky, she hopes that Rainbow Days cleans the skies well so that the day is so bright. Then, she can go playing a whole day long.

printable scootaloo coloring pictures

Light brown should be chosen for her body. Dark pink or magenta is also used for the hair and tail. All will make a good combination for Scootaloo. The most important thing to tell is dealing with the level. This picture is perfect for pre-school children because it is so easy to color.
mlp scootaloo coloring pages to print