Saturday, August 9, 2008

The 3 mistakes of my life..

Reading '5 point someone' was not a bad experience, but 'one night at call centre' was a waste of couple of hours i spent on reading it. And now CB is back with his 3rd book(some people call it 3rd mistake of his life). I won't go into the detail of the story. A lot has been said and written about it already.
When I read first few pages, i wanted to like it. Even tough the plot reminded me of 5.sum1, especially the struggle in life of young people who want to prove themselves, I liked it when he showed his prospective about religion and politics in our country. Also, he narrated the cricket episodes in such a way which show that cricket is also a religion in our country. But few more pages proved me wrong. Everything is messed up. Eathquake, cricket, a foreign trip, Gujrat roits, a love affair, business. It is more like a bollywood melodramatic cum romantic cum action movie. The end is just too dramatic. The last scenes (ya, not pages) have too much of unnecessary violence. And I am amazed (not pleasantly) that those 3 guys wanted to save a small guy because they saw him as a future batsman in Indian cricket team and not because they had some sympathy with him that he is a small muslim boy whose parents have been killed. What if he was not a cricketer in making, not a national treasure as they saw him? Would they have sacrificed him? CB's this way of patriotism disappointed me.
Nevertheless, I liked the description of political parties, their attitude and their stand on religion.
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Be punctual..

'Problem with being punctual is that there is nobody to appreciate you.'

Huh... Why is it that people don't value other's time? I mean, if you don't value your time, it is fine, no problem, it is your life, your time. But when it comes to wasting other's time, should one not be sensitive enough?

Friday, August 8, 2008

10 things I am missing..

For the first time in life, I am:
  • Away from home
  • Experimenting with cooking (and still alive!! Yippeeeeeeeeee!!)
  • Getting up at 5:45AM on listening to alarm!! (now this must be really shocking for people who know I need a big, loud ghadiyal to wake up :D )
Life has become monotonous. I am missing so many things here. Top 10 in the list are:
  1. Momy, papa and grandma
  2. My brother and his crazy dialogues :D
  3. Yummy yummy mom-special food
  4. My room
  5. Nonumonu …. Relax… it’s my teddy bear
  6. Archana
  7. Puchi … Another teddy bear…
  8. My guitar classes
  9. [Reserved for future]
  10. Bangalore autos (sometimes you get addicted to things you hate the most)
By the way.. There is a colleague here who looks and walks like a zombie. No expressions. Doesn't blink his eyes. Doesn't smile. And can you imagine how he says bye? He walks out of the room, doesn't even look at you, and after keeping one step outside the room says 'bye' in the worst possible way anyone can say bye. I didn't know such a simple, sweet and beautiful word like bye can be said so horribly!!
'Bye' - i said it is simple, sweet and beautiful. Well.. leave the context above. Sometimes it hurts to say goodbye, doesn't it? Then it is not simple. Neither sweet, nor beautiful! It becomes complicated. Now before this post becomes complicated, i should say bye :)
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Kung Fu Panda

At last, I saw Kung Fu Panda!! Awesome movie. Predictable storyline, but it is beautifully directed and the dialogues are written in such a wonderful manner that in spite of predicting the story correctly, you will still enjoy it. Story goes something like this: A panda named Po is chosen by a wise old turtle, Master Ooguay, as the dragon warrior. This is strange as viewed by his martial-arts teacher, Shifu, and the Furious Five: Tigress, Monkey, Mantis, Viper, and Crane because Po is fat and unorganized person with almost nil self confidence. In the end, Po defeats the Tai Lung, the evil leopard and emerges as a winner- as a real dragon warrior. The wisdom in the conversation of the characters is what makes this movie beautiful. Few of my favourite lines in the movie are:
1. Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift.
That is why it is called the present. Master Ooguay said this to Po. I have heard it before too. I liked the tone and the way he said it. The shine in Po’s eyes and Ooguay’s tone makes you believe in it.
2. One often meets his destiny on the road he takes to avoid it.
Ooguay said it when he saw something happening in future with his vision and Shifu wanted to avoid it. I am just wondering is it not the same destiny that makes you take the road to avoid itself and then it meets you!!
3. There are no accidents.
Ooguay said it thrice. I know because Shifu counted it! Everything happens for a reason, isn't it so? If things are in the wrong direction, then maybe life is teaching you something.
4. There is no secret ingredient.
Po’s father said it to him when he told him that the secret ingredient of his special noodles is ‘nothing’. He said ‘Things become special because people believe them to be special.’
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