Friday, February 29, 2008

I'm in a VERY bad mood...

Oh yes... I am in a very bad mood today.. Nah.. Nah.. Not coz of work pressure... No doubt this was a very hectic week and I was desperately waiting for weekend, yet work isn't the reason I am ANNOYED.... In fact I like being busy.. At least i don't get time to think about anything else.. Wondering y i m writing all this here?? Stop wondering.. its my blog... I will write watevr I want.. WATEVR.. if you can do wat u want, even i can..
Thursday, February 28, 2008

Engine- ambigram

This one was easy to draw...
Saturday, February 23, 2008


Life has come a full circle and I am........

Another ambigram by me...... :)
In case, you are wondering what an ambigram is, please read this and John Langdon's website
Friday, February 22, 2008

Sweet memories...

Yesterday, while coming back from office in auto, I started thinking about my first school and the first person I was reminded of was my rikshaw wala. His name was Prakash. We used to call him Prakash uncle. From nursery till my third standard, I went in his rikshaw. Actually, it was a baggi.. My classmates, Poonam and Anshul (I hope I got his name correct) were also in the same rickshaw. It was fun travelling from home to school n then back home. We were always having fun and I did a few weird things too :) I can’t recollect all of them. Till 3rd standard-- I must be less than 7 years old. You can’t expect a 7 yr old kid to remember everything!!! But owing to my good memory, I remember a few episodes of my childhood life.. All my childhood friends (whom I remember), deserve a mention when I talk about my first school- Blossoms, where I studied till 3rd standard..

My parents tell me that I was a very violent kid :P I scratched my teacher's neck with my nails on the very first day I went to school. I could’t remember her name, so I searched for my Nursery report card:

Signed by Jyoti Rana!! Feels good everytime I read it ;)

One summer afternoon, sun was shining brightly.. Too dramatic, eh?? anyway... me and poonam were doing water transfer.. Her home was near school and she had some water left in her bottle. So she told she would transfer it into my bottle so that if I feel thirsty I can have it. It was a brown coloured bottle. And I kept its cap on the seat of baggi.. You can guess what would have happened next.. Yeah.. all of a sudden, the cap of the bottle jumped out of the baggi, n we were like... OMG!!! I remember being scolded for that.. I think I was in 1st standard then..

I had a great time with Poonam in my childhood. We both shared common interests- painting and craft work. I remember, once for an exhibition, we both made guitar as craft work without each other's knowledge. What a coincidence it was!! Did some crazy stuff also. Once Prakash uncle din’t come to school in time, and me- the weirdo suggested to walk till Poonam’s house!! We told this to anshul(I hope its the right name) and he also told he will go to his aunt’s house- by walk. And then we- the brave kids of Blossoms, went on a march!! Somehow we managed to search the route and reach her house, from where I called at home. I went home from there and then Prakash uncle came searching for us. Next day Anshul’s mom told he had fever, and everyone looked at me—the culprit.

I had another friend Aditi, who left school after 1st or 2nd I think and went to Delhi. We played lot of imaginative games together, sitting on the first bench!! We were in same school from 8th again, but she dint remember me!! Must say.. she had a poor memory, just like Radhika!!

Then there was Rosen- with whom I started my schooling, Jasleen- I remember her birthday party where we saw a movie n had fun, Rupinder-who joined us lil late, Aastha- whoz height was same as me and had left school before me and rest of the names are lil difficult to recollect. Childhood days are golden days. Herez a memorable group snap from our Chandigarh trip when we were in 3rd standard..

Yellow Roses...

I love colours.. This one is an oil painting on canvas.. and it is almost 8 years old!! Hmmm.... I should start painting again... After all, painting is my first love :)
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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Why do they tell everything??

They are deeper than any of the oceans.. They are wider than the sky.. They contain millions of emotions in them like there are fishes in an ocean and birds in the sky.. They have water- signifying the purest liquid in world.. They have fire- the rage which can burn someone down to ashes.. When a mother looks at her child, there’s nothing comparable to the warmth in them.. When you look at your beloved, you feel heaven in them.. No matter how much you try to hide something, they never lie.. Eyes.. eyes.. mischievous eyes.. mysterious eyes.. Why do they tell everything??

Here are beautifully sung lines from Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's song Aafreen:

aaNkheN dekhii to maiN dekhtaa rah gayaa

jaam do aur donon hii do aatishaha

ankheN yaa maikade ke ye do baab haiN

aankheN inko kahuuN yaa kahuuN Khvaab haiN

aankheN niichii hu’iiN to hayaa ban gayiiN

aankheN uuNchii hu’iiN to du’aa ban gayiiN

aankheN uTh kar jhuki to adda ban gayiiN

aankheN jhuk kar uThiiN to qadaa ban gayiiN

aankheN jin meN haiN qaid aasmaan-o-zamiiN

nargisii nargisii

surmayii surmayii


Do you ever hear a song and feel that it is written for you?????
Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Everything in life happens for a reason..

Sometimes we know the reason..
But sometimes we don't know what the reason is!
And many times a reason doesn’t have a reason to be understood!!
So in such a situation its better to keep quiet than to question! :)

Khwaish bani haqiqat..

I still can't believe it!!!! I had a wish which I mentioned here.... and it isnt just a wish now :)
One day I happened to listen a friend’s friend playing guitar over phone and I was reminded of my childhood wish to learn to play guitar. Next day I started searching for a good music school. Fortunately, I found one and registered there... So now......... I am learning to play guitar :) :) :) I took a brown guitar, black was also good but I liked this one more.. It’s an amazing experience and fun learning it... I have to start leaning chords properly.. Hopefully i will improve in coming months.. M loving it!!!
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