Monday, January 28, 2013

Banana Coloring Pages

Banana coloring pages is the best ways to introduce this healthy fruit to your kids. Banana is a fruit that become your daily menu at home. Bananas contain a complete sugar such as glucose, sucrose and fructose. Bananas around 90kcal in calories and is high for the fruit category. Some of the benefits you can teach to your child while coloring this cool pictures bellow.

Of course you need extra yellow color for this fruit. But light green also good to try.

Banana coloring pages gallery

Unknown Fruit
Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Horse Coloring Pages

Are you looking for Horse coloring pages? If you are so, this is the right place to get pictures that you want. You can download the picture you want for free. Here, many kinds of horse coloring pages are available. You are able to get the knight, cartoon, jumping and other themes under the umbrella of horse things. You do not need to be advanced to draw the pictures since the every single shape here is quite simple even for beginners. The images are created using CorelDraw X3 software program. I just need two hours to finish it. It looks simple, right? Hopefully, you can enjoy the pictures.

Horse running coloring pages


The first picture is running horse. You can see some grasses there near the rear legs. It will be so wonderful if you give green color for the grasses. The grasses are also a great sign to show that the horse can mingle with the environment around very well.

Dark brown will be the best preference for the horse unless you want to bring a fairy tale story and prefer white horse rather than dark horse. Or, you can adopt the color of Thunder, the Zoro’s horse by coloring it with black. But, dark brown will give you a better effect since you should pick black for the hair and the tail later on. To make it more dramatic, you can explore more your talent in coloring by creating some spots on the body with lighter or darker motion. Gradation coloring technique will make the picture more perfect also.

Knight horse coloring pages


Let us move on to the next picture. The second picture is about knight riding a horse. This picture gives you more areas to color. It is not like the first picture, you can give silver color to the knight, horse neck protector and helmet here. It is because those things are usually made of metal. Red or blue is also a good idea to color the dresses on the body.

I just want to share my opinion, for the horse body I prefer black for the color because it makes the horse look strong. It does not matter if you prefer another color for it.

Horse jumping coloring pages


Are you familiar with this picture? Well, if you are such a big fan of sports cars, you may know it well. It is a logo used by an outstanding automobile manufacture, Ferrari. Then, I try to bring that famousness into a coloring page. It is interesting to encourage children to color a page and introduce them with something big like Ferrari. It can also improve their knowledge, right?

Besides Ferrari, this picture maybe can remind people with an American cowboy. The position of the horse is really awesome. It looks that the horse wants to show its power to people around like what a cowboy movies shows about. Well, in short words, this collection will be good spirit and expression for people who pretty like Ferrari or a cowboy’s life.

Some people must assume that it is a masculine symbol describing power of wild horse. Personally, I think the picture is totally cool. Drawing a horse with this pose is challenging. I use some tricks to make it better and better including applying rotating technique. I draw a horse and then I rotate it 45 degree to get the jumping pose.

Horse cartoon coloring pages

It is stated for sure that every single little girl is a big fan of cute pony and horse cartoon coloring pages. But, this collection is made not just for a girl. It is also suitable for a little boy.

Many popular characters are inspired from the animal. There is such a little touch from Eeyore character in Winnie the Pooh actually. I just try to make Eeyore a horse. That is funny and cute, right? Great combination of donkey and horse characters is shown through this picture. This picture makes me inspired to draw a special picture of Eeeyore little while later. Just wait for it then.
Unknown Animal, Horse
Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Monster High Ghoulia Yelps Coloring Pages

Let us download and print the best Ghoulia Yelps coloring pages ever. Ghoulis is the smartest zombie character from Monster High. She is ready to rock children’s world by entertaining them with some fun activities. The activity is not so hard since it is absolutely designed for little kids. When the day is snowing and you cannot play outside, you can keep coloring your day accompanied by coloring pages. And, this collection is a great thing to start the activity. It works to kick out your boringness during that time.

Blue and red are perfect colors to accomplish the task. It is since Ghoulia has blue hair. Then, she also wears a bandana that you can give green for that stuff. Her shoes, you put some black and pink there. Complete the mission by giving red for the stripped outfits.

Maybe Ghoulia is similar with other Zombie. She is slow but has a good talent in drawing and writing. As the smartest character, she is well-known as a bookworm. She always spends her time in a library and reads a lot of books. There are many kids of book she likes including comics for fun reading. It is true that she is such a comic freak.
Saturday, January 19, 2013

Monster High Spectra Vondergeist Coloring Pages

Are you one of big fans of Spectra Vondergeist? If you really are, this site is the right place to go to find a cool thing about your idol. Here, you are able to download printable Spectra Vondergeist coloring pages. Just download and print it. Just get an interesting experience to know every single detail of hers by coloring each element in the picture.

It is not easy for me to create this picture. I should pay much attention in every single detail. This 16-year old girl monster has many interesting thing to be explored. I just want to highlight beautiful impression of beauty and power through this daughter of the Ghosts. Little information about the girl, she is so great with her uncommon ability. She is able to float through the walls. That is so beneficial and supportive her hobby in overhearing school gossip.

Based on my own experience, to tell you the truth that the most challenging part in drawing this girl is related to the skirt. Just see the picture and focus on the skirt. Two layers are applied. The first one is for the top part whereas the other one is made of cotton. I got a little bit a challenge in drawing both layers. First, it looked so terrible. A lot of lines are spotted in one area. And then I try to pick the outer line for each layer. It's so much better than the first images. For coloring options, you can pick violet, dark blue and black color.
Thursday, January 17, 2013

Monster High C.A Cupid Coloring Pages

C.A Cupid coloring pages is a good idea to give a fun activity before Valentine day for your kids or other children you are close to. Chariclo Arganthone Cupid is a daughter of Eros, the God of love based on the Greece mythology. Preparing more pink color is recommended for the project because it is her favorite motion.

In person, I was amazed of her beautiful appearance. Pink, grey and black color will be a really good combination to draw the symbol of love and relationship. I have done little bit modification in her shoes by removing the heart shaped chain. It think that replacing the chain with the standard shoe strap is the best alternative ever because I can't find any clear images to see the real shape.

Speaking of the appearance of C.A Cupid, she has truly fair complexion. However, the complexion can turn into black like what happens with Spectra. If she does so, it means that she is going to be transparent. She is so beautiful with her aqua eyes. In addition, she wears pink lipstick that is totally perfect for her complexion. It has been mentioned that the dominant color for this figure is pink. One of the body parts of hers that you should be pink is her hair.

The most inviting thing that she has is bone wings and I think she will be a beautiful angel if the wings are replaced with smooth dust. It will be cool. You must love it since after coloring the page you can frame it and hang on your bedroom wall.
Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monster High Clawdeen Wolf Coloring Pages

Are you looking for a good activity to do for your preschool kid? If you are, I have a good thing to offer here. Coloring pages that I create will be a valuable alternative to make your kids’ time more enjoyable and fun. Spending some quality time does not mean that you should ask your kids have vacation to a fancy place. You can do it in your own home actually.

This website helps you by providing coloring pages. For this time, Monster High Clawdeen Wolf is the theme. I design some pictures with different poses of Clawdeen such as when she is standing, sitting down, and even wearing a cool costume. Those are obtainable for free.
Speaking of the profile, Monster High Clawdeen Wolf is loyal, fashionable, energetic, and confident. She always looks stunning in any costume. However, she is easy to get angry.

You are able to tell that story to your kids when they are coloring page by page. They must be interested.

Let us talk about colors applied in the pictures of Clawdeen. For the colors, you can prepare purple. Most of her costumes are covered with the color since it is her most favorite color as well.

Because she is stylish, you can lead your kids to color her eyelids with the same color of outfit she is wearing. Light brown is chosen for her skin. Then, dark brown is for her lovely hair. Just look at her sexy lips. Maroon is the best one for the lips then.

Monster High Lagoona Blue Coloring Pages

Coloring99 is an amazing website for coloring fans. If you declare that you collect some coloring pages about anything, you should explore this web. Various themes of cartoon are provided here. One of themes that you can find in this page is Monster High Lagoona Blue. From the name, you may know what she looks like. The body is blue of course. Why does she so? She does since she is a daughter of the sea monster. So, sea is the place she belongs to.

Regarding to her personal life, she lives with her pet named Neptuna. It is a piranha as well. People in Monster High know her as a friendly person. Additionally, she also cares much about environmental. Pollution and trash in the ocean will make her angry. She does not want anyone destroy the place where she was born. She loves all elements and creatures in the ocean.
Appearance is a good topic to discuss here. You need to take into account about that. Besides assisting you recognizing Lagoona Blue better, information about her figure will help you color the page.

Well, her whole body should be color with aquatic pale blue. Her hands are webbed. That also belongs to the color. Legs are also a target to be blue after the webbed hands.

She is really attractive with curly blonde hair. You can pick yellow for blonde. For a hat on her head, it should be blue also. Usually, she wears a jacket. And, the color of the jacket is black for the arms and blue for the front part or chest.

Monster High Draculaura Coloring Pages

Draculaura is a daughter of Count Dracula. Actually, she is a vampire with vegetarian habit. It sounds she is similar with the Cullens, right? In her daily life, she makes friends with Clawdeen Wolf and Frankie Stein. They are always together. Actually, Draculaura has a nice nickname. People around her call her Lala or Ula D. But, her lovely mother calls her Laura.

Through this website, you are able to get some pictures of Draculaura in different angles and poses. This big example shown is her with her umbrella. She is standing under that stuff. To ease you color the Draculaura picture, you need to know her description. Her appearance is like other vampire descriptions with fangs, pointed wears, and also pale skin.

Pale pink is the most dominant color for her body. Then, she has purple eyes. Her movement is very graceful. Moreover, she has beautiful sleek dark black hair that can make her more stunning and appealing. For the costumes, you can choose bright pink or magenta with some blue and white.

You are able to download all coloring pages from this website. All are available for free. You do no need to spend much money for buying learning media or book activities.

I am here and what I have created can be one of your learning media to be used for preschoolers. They will be so excited coloring page by page. In addition, Draculaura is very familiar for them, fans of Monster High. So, download and print the pages now.

Monster High Frankie Stein Coloring Pages

Frankie Stein is really familiar among children who like Monster High. Actually, she is one of main characters in the franchise. This monster girl is a daughter of Frankenstein. Talking about her personality, she is really athletic and energetic. Moreover, she is also friendly. That is why people like making friends with her. But, she is little bit tempered and childish. She is naïve too. Like other children, she loves playing and knows nothing about life and how to be nice.

Physically, she does not have her father’s stiff body at all. But, she has beauty long hair from her mother. She makes her hair pinned back using a hair clip. But, sometimes, she also has a side bang covering her forehead. That is the newest style of hers as well.

You are able to have several pictures of Frankie Stein in this page. All are available for free. But, it has not been colored yet.

Your task is coloring the pages. Just follow the description of her so that you will get easier to define what colors you should apply for each picture.

Overly, the body of Frankie Stein is pale green. Look at your color pencils and find out a mint green. You can use it for all over her skin. Be careful in coloring the eyes. Frankie Stein has two different colors for the eyes. For one eye, you should color is blue and green for the other because she has heterochromia. Do not forget to involve black for her outfit.

Monster High Cleo de Nile Coloring Pages

You must recognize which one she is when looking at a picture of some Monster High creatures. From her name, you know that Cleo de Nile comes from Nile River. She is an Egyptian. Showing up with Egyptian style, she is really recognizable. She treats everybody royally. So, no wonder, she wants everybody does the same to her. It is so bad because she is well known for her selfishness and arrogance. She is also spoiled. With others, she is overly competitive. However, she has a lot of friends because she is thoughtful, kind, and caring. She really cares about her mates.
 If you are not familiar with this ghoul, you now really do know. Moreover, you can obtain some pictures of her from this website for free. You can download and print it as many as you want. Then, color the pictures of her. In addition, the pictures are available in different poses and angles.

All of those are really attractive and cool. You must love coloring every coloring page of her.

Do you need some cues for coloring Cleo de Nile? Well, you can start from her skin. Compared to other ghouls, she looks sexier with her exotic skin tone. The skin looks flawless and so marvelous. Just be careful in choosing the color for it.

Actually, you can pick light brown for that effect. Turquoise is chosen for her eyes. But, if you do not have the color in your pencil box, you can change it with green.
Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Monster High Coloring Pages

As a big fan of Monster High, this web is like incredible paradise. All pictures of your favorite character in the franchise are free to download. You can download various characters in Monster High. The most important thing is that you do not need to spend money for it.

Frankie Stein, Ghoulia, Draculaura, Clawdeen Wolf, Lagoona Blue, and many more characters are here. Just download all of the pictures now and print it. Enjoy your leisure time with the coloring pages downloaded and color pencils in the box.
Well, it will be good if you color the pages based on your own imagination.

But, it will be much better if you color the pages similarly with the original version of Monster High characters.

It means that you can find colored pictures of each character in the internet. Then, color the pages you download based on the pictures.

For instance, you can use pale blue for Lagoon Blue’s skin. Or, you can pick mint green for Frankie Stein.

Maybe, you can color the costumes they wear with your favorite colors. But, for the figures, you had better color them similarly.
Different angles and characters are available. You can pick some. That will be good for learning media.

Your kids will learn about colors, shapes, and also lines. They are demanded to apply the colors inside the shape and line. So, they should be attentive in doing the activity. It is also a good challenge for preschool students. So, collect every single coloring page in this website.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

High Quality Coloring Kits by Darice : Greatest Deal for Every Artist

Is This Darice Art Set Really Suitable for Adults?

A term about price always come together with quality might be the one that can be applied in Darice 120-piece Deluxe Art Set. It is quite questionable about whether or not this one is really suitable for adults.

The reason is because there are some lacking found in it. Even this art set is quite complete because it has complete coloring options, including watercolor, pencils, pastel and some others.

Moreover, complete painting and coloring accessories included in the set too. Even so, some are found to be in low quality, such as the pastels.

Because of it, it seems that this one is not really suitable for adults but can possibly be chosen for kids.

Darice 80-Piece: Nice Enough for Beginner Artists

When it comes to adult beginner artists, Darice 80-piece Deluxe Art Set is a good enough option to choose.

First of all the price of it is not that high. It can actually be included in quite affordable category actually if compared to other art sets.

Complete colors in various options of coloring kit, including color pencils, watercolor cakes and oil pastels, enable adults who are also beginner artists to get more abilities to use each type of coloring kit better.

Brushes and also pencils and other drawing and painting accessories are available in the case too. Since the art set can be brought quite easily, it is sure that all activities related to painting can be done everywhere.

Another Great Quality Art Set with Wooden Case

Darice ArtyFacts Portable Studio with 131 pieces inside it is certainly an awesome choice of adult coloring kit.

Even is a lot of people mention that this kit is suitable more for kids, I have proven that it can also be another option for adults. The colors are complete and are given in various options of form to choose.

More importantly, every coloring kit and accessories are placed in a wooden case where everything will stay in its place neatly.

The wooden case is better than that because it is also completed with handle that make it portable and can be taken anywhere effortlessly.

Unknown Coloring Kit
Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Princess Cadence Coloring Pages

The real name of Princess Cadence is actually Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. If you ever watch My Little Pony, you may be familiar with this figure. This Pegasus unicorn is very beautiful and appealing. In some scenes, she is recognized with her lovely romantic story with Shining Armor. I even ever uploaded a coloring page of the princess with her fiance. You can go back to the page if you are interested in having it. But, now, the princess is here alone. I explore their beauty through some angles.

The pictures are available in To have the coloring pages, you do not need to spend any money. All are free.

What you need to do here is just right click the picture and click view. After that, you can right click again and save the pages to your computer. You can print the pictures whenever you want.

Your kids must love this character. Just give the pictures to them. And, prepare their color pencil. It will be such an interesting project for them.

The colors that should be applied for Princess Cadence are pink, purple, little blue, and yellow. For the entire body, soft pink is chosen. Little shade of magenta or bright pink is needed for her hair and tail. So, what blue is for? Look at the unicorn on her head. You need blue for it. Yellow is used for the crown and the necklace since those are made of gold. Purple will make all colors balanced. Just apply the color on her hair and tail like what you have done with magenta.
Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Angry Birds Season Coloring Pages

Are you familiar with a red fat bird which is very phenomenal today? You can find that stuff everywhere, right? Some merchandise of the bird is sold in many shops. You can find bedcovers, books, t-shirts, blankets, curtain, toys, pencils, plates, mugs, bowls, and many more printed with this cartoon character. The name of the bird is Angry Bird. It is such a legendary character today because everyone in any age adores it so much. It is undeniably cute and funny.

Well, actually the character is taken from a video game by Apple which is firstly released in 2009. Then, market responds it well. So, people exploit the character into stuff to liven up the market.

The result is Angry Bird becomes more popular over and over again.

Besides buying the episodes of video game, they collect all of the things about this cute character.

Now, I try to save the hunger that people have in collecting the stuff by creating some coloring pages. The pages will make your collection more colorful. In addition, the pages will be good media for fun activities.

You can color with red for the round body and yellow for the peak. Black and white colors are also needed for the eyes. Gradation coloring technique is also able to be applied to make the picture more stunning. Gradation is good to show a light effect. Well, the good news is that you do not need money to have all angry bird coloring pages and other coloring pages from this website. All are free here.

Unknown Angry Birds, Games