A day with "Rubik's cube"

Some days back, I saw a colleague solving Rubik's cube and chitchatting about it. Having propensity for puzzles myself, I was tempted to buy one. Erno Rubik, who invented it way back in 1974, definitely had a unique flair.

Never having solved it in the yore, it took me a couple hours to be familiar with my rubik's cube. I made up my mind to solve it layer-by-layer. In 2 hours, I could solve the first 2 layers; 3rd layer is the one which required some patience. I yielded myself to temptation and turned to internet for help. There are myriads of websites dedicated to "rubik's cube solution". It would have taken me months if I had to design my own algorithm for the 3rd layer. 15 minutes of guidance from a website and I had 3rd layer of my rubik's solved. A few hours of practice and one can imagine the movement of cubes, there is no need to mug up any algorithms. Within hours, the speed proliferates!

Here's my verdict: One need not be a genius to solve Rubik's cube; just need to be fanciful and have a whit of patience.

By the way, here is a video of an adroit 3 years old girl who can solve it in 114 seconds - stunning and fascinating!

Video Courtesy: YouTube
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Write by: RC - Sunday, July 19, 2009

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