Big Boss 3

The idiot box is flooded with reality shows these days. I know it is stupid, but I have been watching some of them lately (I am 'literally' jobless ;) ). Big Boss 3 is a reality show on colors channel. I didn’t watch season1, followed the last few weeks of season2, and then first few weeks of season3. Then I got bored and decided not to waste my time anymore. It is one of those ‘no entertainment-only nonsense’ kind of show. Somehow, after a long time, I saw the whole of today’s episode. Yawwwnn. I wasted my time again. Either this show is scripted or else the participants are all a bunch of morons. These people have no dignity. How sick can one show oneself on a reality show? Height of imbecility! What are they desperate for? Fame or money? If it is a ‘real’ reality show, none of them deserve to win. Unlike the episodes of season2, most of them talk to cameras instead of talking to fellow contestants so that their thoughts reach the audience and they are all senseless. I don’t know them personally, but as much as I have seen them on this show, I am disappointed with the way these people carry themselves. The finalists are:

  1. An over confident thickhead who desperately wants to win the show, feels he is the best and ‘only’ what he says is correct. He strongly believes that people of this country love him.
  2. A lady who is as desperate to win as the first finalist, and requests women of this nation to vote so that she can win the show and prove to this world ‘the women power’.
  3. A reckless young man, who initially was not desperate to win, but has joined the race.

I don’t know who votes for these people. In fact, I wonder how anyone can vote for them. I don't want to guess who will win this show, nor do I care. I miss Ashutosh and his English-to-Hindi translations.
Anyway, there is one thing on my mind after today's episode. I don’t understand why some women beg people to vote for them because they are ‘women’, be it a reality show or elections. I mean, what are they trying to prove, huh? Why should people vote for them because they have a tag of being a woman? Are people not supposed to vote for the one who is strong and competent enough to handle the position one is contesting for; or in case of this show someone who deserves to win? Isn't it discrimination to vote for someone just because she is a woman? How do these ladies even feel like giving this justification for being elected/voted? Phew!
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Write by: RC - Tuesday, December 22, 2009

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