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This tool resembles a pointy knife and nails and is often used by the ninja like to stick to the wall while climbing or digging.Kunai is about 10-15 cm so it is small enough to carry everywhere and hidden from sight behind the clothes. This tool is known as the standard for ninja weapons like shuriken and makibishi. Small Kunai called Tobikunai (kunai fly) and used as shuriken.
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Ninjago Cole fight.jpg

2. Shuriken
Shuriken is a traditional Japanese weapon that is generally used to throw opponents, and sometimes used to stab and cut the artery opponent. Shuriken is made from needles, knives and other metal materials. Shuriken is the weapon most often used after the katana and naginata. Martial arts that uses shuriken called Shuriken-jutsu, Shuriken-jutsu the ninja once taught in college. Shuriken known as "Ninja Star"

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3. Katana

Katana is a Japanese long sword (Daito, 大刀), although in Japan alone it refers to all kinds of swords. Katana is kunyomi (Japanese title) of the kanji form 刀; while onyomi (called Hanzi) is a kanji character to. It refers to the sword one eye, a special curved traditionally used by Japanese samurai.

Katana is usually paired with the wakizashi or shoto, looks similar but made ​​shorter, both are used Aleh members of the warrior class. Both weapons used together called daisho, and represented the social power and personal honor samurai.Pedang term used for open combat, while the shorter side is used as a weapon (side arm), better suited for stabbing, close combat, and seppuku (a form of ritual suicide).

Katana is mainly used for cutting, and preferably used with two handrails. While the art of the practical use of the sword for its original purpose has been obsolete, kenjutsu and taijutsu move into modern martial arts.

Genuine Japanese swords today is a rare item, although a truly antique can be obtained with a very expensive price. Katana and wakizashi modern made ​​only by licensed practitioners who are still a little craft this weapon now, though katana "Type 98" was also scarce.

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