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History of Mickey Mouse begins with the birth of the first animated film entitled "Humorous Phases of Funny Faces'. The film was made in 1906 by the American cartoonist, J Stuart Blacton. The film brought Stuart with Walt Disney in 1919 to make a cartoon titled Ub Iwerks. Second meeting and then bring up the idea to build a business.

In 1923 The Walt Disney Company was founded. Of this company in 1927 and then came the idea to make a funny cartoon character rats. Thus was born a cartoon titled "Mortimer Mouse. Then Walt's wife, Lillian, make sure that the name of the title it would be great if replaced Mickey Mouse. Lillian is successful, then later changed the name Mortimer Mouse Mickey Mouse so.


Teddy bear's name appeared in November 1902, when the president of the United States when it was Theodore Roosevelt followed the hunting trip in Mississippi who was invited by Mississippi Governor Andrew H. Longino. At the competition, many hunters who have managed to shoot something. When Roosevelt's aide, holt Collier discredit an American black bear, stabbed, and tie it there is a willow tree. Holt then called and advised Roosevelt to shoot the bear. Roosevelt rejected because it does not reflect the attitude of good sportsmanship. But he ordered that the bear was killed to release from suffering.


Scientists have conducted extensive research in the field of dog intelligence, although most dog owners know first hand.
Buddy and his owner, 23 years old Ben Heinrichs, was in the family garage on Caswell Lakes property April 4 when a heater ignited chemicals.
Heinrichs, who suffered minor flash burns on his face, ran out as the fire grows. He then told Buddy "we need to get help."
The dog took off and eventually found a police officer responding to a call about the fire. Buddy led the officer through a winding road back to the house and firefighters who guided police to the scene.


The brand was created by Japanese designers of Sanrio named Ikuko Shimizu in 1974. Month of March 1975 is the first time this product was introduced and marketed. Goods which was first marketed in the form of a small purse Purse Puchi called for 240 yen. Cat character in this product was not originally have a name, and people knew him as a nameless cat. Then the company was given the name "Kitty" is taken from a white fluffy cat in the story Alice in Glass by Lewis Carroll. Then the name "White" newly added in the future. Kitty is always depicted sitting new in 1977 and he described to his feet. In addition to the wallet, that was quite well-known product of this brand handbags, dolls, clothes, watches, shirts, jackets Hello Kitty images. Mariah Carey, Paris Hilton, Cameron Diaz, Ricky Martin is a Hollywood actress has been seen using the product from Japan.


Hello Kitty is a cute name for a group of characters designed by a Japanese company called Sanrio. The main character of this brand is a white cat with a characteristic ribbon or other decorations on the left ear named Kitty White. Kitty White is the most recognizable figures, so many people think that Kitty is Hello Kitty White. This brand was originally intended only for the girls, but over time, fans of cute cats are also coming from the men and all ages. There is a special designation for fans and collectors of this brand, the Kitty-ra. In 2004, this brand to penetrate the market in over 60 countries and representing a subculture of Japanese culture.
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