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To save his life, Bruce was willing to give up his body locked in a room illuminated by a study gamma rays. Miraculously he was not hurt at all, but the incident left side-effects and changes in the increasingly uncontrollable. These changes eventually explode into something not at all imagined.


In one incident, Bruce is unable to control his emotions and sudden turn into a giant green figure dubbed awesome Hulk-powered, often leaving destruction in any place in its flown.


The army led by General Thunderbolt Ross considers the Hulk as a threat to mankind, and exert the power to arrest and, if necessary, destroy it.


Only Betty who strongly opposed the plan, because other than knowing that The Hulk is the incarnation of the beloved Bruce, he is also aware that these changes are having a mysterious relationship with the father of the man named David Banner. Race against time, he tried to find David before the military ordered the destruction of the green giant.


Taking one of the famous comic output Marvel, The Hulk entrusted with directing the film maker Ang Lee named Asia. His name was already familiar in Hong Kong cinema, and began to receive international recognition thanks to the Oscar she got from the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" which catapulted the name Ang Lee. The main character Bruce Banner played by Eric Bana, Australian actor who debuted in the new Hollywood. The girlfriend Betty Ross is played by Oscar-class actress Jennifer Connelly, who previously played in other super hero movie "The Rocketeer".


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