Donald Duck and His Nephiews Coloring Pages

Huey, Dewey, and Louie may not be the names that you are familiar with. If you try to remember a bit more, you may realize that there are 3 boys who are living together with Donald. The names I mentioned in the very beginning are theirs. They are no other else but the nephews of Donald Duck.

donald duck and her nephiews coloring pages
As seen in these Donald Duck and his nephews coloring pages, it may be quite hard for you to differentiate the boys. It is so because all of them are identical triplets. In the cartoon series, their appearances can only be differentiated from the outfits that they wear.

Even at first they do not have any special outfit colors, it was finally established that there are 3 colors that can be used to identify each nephew. Red is the color for Huey’s outfit, blue is for Dewey’s, and green is for Louie’s. This establishment makes it easier for us to know about which one is who.

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In Disney series, especially the Donald Duck series, these three characters are not as popular as their uncle, Donald or any other characters in Disney. Even so, they are still good additions to Disney because they do give contribution in the stories. The creator of these characters mentioned that the names given to them are inspired from the names of some important people from different background. Those are Huey Long that is an American politician, George Dewey an Admiral in US Navy, and also Louie Schmitt who is known as an animator.

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