Kirby Coloring Pages

Kirby is a fictional game character that is known since a long time ago. For your info, his first appearance is known to be somewhere in the year of 1992. At that time, the video game in which he is the main character is known as Kirby’s Dream Land. This is a video game that was released back then by Nintendo.

cute kirby coloring pages

As you can see in these Kirby Coloring Pages, the shape of Kirby is in fact something that will make it much easier for you to identify that it is him. He looks simply like a pink ball that owns a pair of red feet. From the way he shoes his facial look, it is so clear that he has a positive personality. In all games that are included in Kirby game series, Kirby is known to be a character that owns quite various abilities that can be used to win the games.

kirby coloring pages
One thing that is found to be quite interesting in this game is that there are creatures known as the Kirbys. It seems that they belong to the same species with Kirby, but they own different and more various appearances. Other than these creatures, there are also the ones known as the animal friends who usually accompany Kirby in solving all puzzles in the game, helpers that also has special abilities like Kirby, Lololo, and also Lalala. All of these creatures own the same cuteness as the original pink and squishy Kirby. Without a doubt, this cuteness is the one that will be loved by kids, including yours.
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kirby king dedede coloring pages
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