Apni apni soch..

Many times people tend to reflect their mood and personality in small things they do. One such example is orkut. Are you wondering howz that?? Simple.. A caption speeks.. Herez a small list of people in my profile. Few of them are really catchy and interesting. Have a look:

knowledge comes but wisdom lingers
ABHAY DEOLZ!!!!! ~~~~BaCk In AcTIoN~~~~~~
virgo'$- ruling the planet
Hari........ ಹನಿ ಹನಿ....... ಪ್ರೇಮ್ ಕಹಾನಿ.....
Sumit Sach is Life,No Fairy Tale Ending
anuja:):) knock!! knock!!
Oh my god... i cant see anything !!!
rekha :-) laughin
anuj...bac frm the royal retreat...
Satyam (!!!nikesh baccha!!!!))
bE gOoD oR lEaRn
Mahesh..... Keep Lukin I Love d Atention
Devinder [Dev]... Hell is callin!!!
Aman... Mohe Rang De Basanti
Sankha Suvra ... "Life @ iFlex
Long way ahead.. ..GUNJ...
Sheshank Mittal- Back to Bangalore
Trust yourself .........
Rohit..... no more sorrows
harsha> lion walks alone.,
Shivi The Greatest of ALL
ratul ..... the GAME begins
arun!!!SAP .. bcone rocks..!!
Pankaj Singh...joined Capgemini
SUMIT GINDORIA back to originality
yaaran naal baharaan

Har kisi ki apni soch, apne vichar aur apni feelings..
And for those of you who managed to read this long list, herez mine.. Secrets r made 2 b found out wid time..
Secrets.. Hmmm.. LOL!!
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