Main aisi kyun hu!!!

Yiiiiiipppeeeeeee...... I am back from Chennai. I went there along with my brother. It had been a nice experience overall. I enjoyed a lot. I saw a beach for the first time in my life!! And ya.. it was quite interesting too. Those of you who know me well must be knowing what a unique brain God has gifted me. In my journey I proved it once again. Read this post and you will agree with me.

I got my tickets booked on 22nd August in Shatapdi Express. The train from Bangalore to Chennai was scheduled on 25th August and return ticket was on 30th August. I got xerox of both the tickets and kept them in my purse so that I don’t have to take out the original copy for any verification. When I got the tickets book, it was in waiting list(WL). No 52 and 53. I was told it will get confirmed. With lots of hopes, I filled the PNR number here on 23rd night and saw that it was WL 32 and 33. On 24th morning I checked again and was happy to see that it was confirmed. We got coach C5 , seat 34 and 35. The train was scheduled at 6 am. We reached station by 5:30, searched for the platform number and sat at our place. By this time the list wasn’t put up on the train. Then one uncle came and claimed it was his seat. We were like whattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt. Dad went out and checked the list which was put up now and...................... we were not allotted those seats!! We came out and everyone stared at me. I said I checked it properly. Then we talked to TT. He told those weren’t our seats. We were WL 1 and 2. There were lots of other people who were having their seats in WL series. It was 5:50 am now and everyone was standing around TT. At last nominal charges were paid to TT to allot some empty seats to everyone including us. Within 5 minutes we went from one coach to another because there was no empty seat where TT sent us. Each time before changing the coach we ran to TT and asked for another seat. It was so exhausting. At last we got one seat. I sat and my brother searched for another seat. Later TT allotted us 2 seats together after breakfast. Then I had to listen to a big big big lecture from my brother.

My Unkymood Punkymood (Unkymoods)I took out the tickets, saw the PNR no. and...................... I AM AN IDIOT. Me, the FOOL with capital F,O,O and L, entered the wrong PNR no. I entered PNR no. for the return ticket!!!! I know I am careless, stupid, foolish...... BUT TO THIS EXTENT!!!!! The tickets clearly mention the route, the date and above all, the return ticket already had coach C5 and seat 34, 35 printed on it!!!!!!!!! How could I have neglected three facts mentioned on the ticked itself. On the Xerox I had taken the return ticket was on top, so I blindly entered its PNR no.!!!!!!!

I am heights and limit of foolishness and as I said, I keep proving it. All I can say is.. Main aisi kyun hu!!! Keep coming back for such examples.....
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Write by: RC - Thursday, August 30, 2007

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