Do Not Disturb..

Lately, I was harassed by more than 10 unnecessary push messages being sent daily, having download links for ringtones, wallpapers, contests and everything under the sun!! My mistake!! I had activated push messages service by mistake. So I rectified it by disabling the service and thus saving myself from this torture.

But that’s not all.. There are still lot of messages being sent by Hutch and yeah.. how can I forget those unwanted automated promotional calls. Clever people!! The call is from different number each time. The worst part is that if you disconnect any call from some numbers", you keep getting a call from the same number once in 6 hours till u receive it. Imagine, on a holiday, you are sleeping peacefully and you get a call. Thinking that it’s from someone you know, happily you grab your cell and what you get to listen is “Kabhie kabhie mere dil mein khayal aata hai...... Is gaane ko apni caller tune set karne liye keval 20 rupaye prati mahina.... bla.. bla....” Sooooooo annoying!!!

Tired of all this I decided to call Hutch Customer Care. Fortunately, I didn’t had to wait for hours to talk to a customer care executive (unlike last time, well, it was around an year back, I had to wait for 1 hour and I stopped calling to 111 after that). The solution given was either to register here or to send DND to 111. Hutch claims to stop sending promotional SMSes and they won’t disturb with their automated calls either. A blessing indeed!! Without wasting a minute, at 5:02pm I sent DND to 111.

5:03pm (from 111) -> We respect your privacy. Please give us 72 hours to include your number on our Do Not Disturb list. Thank you.

5:04pm (from 6789) -> Hi!! You just spoke to Babu Kumar. We’d like to know if you were satisfied with the experience. Reply Toll Free with Yes or No.

And I thought that they won’t DISTURB!!Huh!! Anyway, replied with a Yes because Mr Babu Kumar helped me out by telling about DND te fer main socheya ki chalo hun taan theek hai, relaxo, hun nhi khange dimag.. isle me = very very happy.. with two capital V’s and a capital H.

5:06pm (from 6789) -> Thank you for your feedback. We would like to know more about the experience. Would you like to respond to a few questions? Reply Toll Free with Yes or No.

Oye!! hudd ho gyi!! I am telling not to disturb te eh ne ki fir msg te msg bheji jande ne. Chalo koi na, I sent NO to 6789 and there popped a message again:

Thank you for your feedback. If there is more you’d like to share please SMS your comments Toll Free to 6790.

Gosh!! Limit hundi hai kisi gal di!! Hutch.. Pleaseeeeeee.. DO NOT DISTURB!!

Let’s see how much you respect customer privacy. Will update after “72” hours..

You can check National Do Not Call Registry website here.
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Write by: RC - Friday, August 10, 2007

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