Disney Brave Coloring Pages

If you remember, sometime ago I fulfilled some fans request to create coloring pages with Merida from Brave in it. I think it would be great if I also create the full collection of Brave coloring pages. So I made them and share them here to be downloaded. These coloring pages seem to be another good collection for Brave fans to grab.

Brave is an animation movie by Disney in corporation with Pixar Animation Studios that was released more than one year ago. If being asked about the tore, it can simply be said that this movie tells about a young princess named Merida and her adventure that begins after her birthday when she receives a longbow from her beloved father, who is known as King Fergus.
disney brave three little princes coloring pages
As a princess, she is actually quite similar to other princesses because of the fact that she is a kind-hearted person.

Creating these coloring pages was still not easy for me to do. As you may already know, the main character of the movie, which is Merida, has a quite long hair that is not straight but curly instead even if her characteristic is actually a bit tomboyish.

Of course, this hairstyle is the one that make the difficulty level of the coloring pages to be a bit higher than other Disney princesses coloring pages when it comes to the process of creation.

Even so, still I was able to finish all these that you can now download the coloring pages easily. Enjoy!

disney brave king fergus and queen elinor coloring pages

disney brave king fergus and queen elinor laughing together coloring pages

disney brave king fergus coloring pages

disney brave queen elinor coloring pages
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