Minnie and Mickey Mouse Coloring Pages for Halloween

Do you know that cute characters will look even cuter when they are created in the scary version of them? If you do not believe in this, you may take a look at some Mickey Mouse Halloween coloring pages that I share here. In the coloring pages that all can be downloaded for free, you will see that it is quite impossible for Mickey to look really scary even in his Halloween costume because basically he is a very cute legendary mouse of Disney.
mickey and minnie mouse halloween coloring pages
Just like all of you, Mickey also loves to celebrate Halloween since it is just a once-in-a-year event. Until now, there are quite lot of Halloween versions of Mickey can be found.

Of course, in all of those versions there is not much difference of the physical appearance of Mickey because the difference is actually located ore in the costumes that he wears, which are of course different from his default costumes.

Since it is rather rare to see him not wearing his default costumes, it is so sure that he in his Halloween costumes is the one that you should not miss.

minnie mouse halloween coloring pages
From a very lot of Halloween costume that he ever wears, it can be said that Dracula costume is the one that is known more often. In this costume, he wears a black Dracula cape with a very high collar. His appearance is even better because he also wears a pair of Dracula fangs. Other than this look, of course there are many others that costumes that Mickey wears in Halloween and you can see some of them in these coloring pages that I share.
mickey mouse halloween vampire coloring pages

mickey mouse with halloween pumpkin mask coloring pages

mickey mouse with witch halloween costume coloring pages
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