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For the fans of Brave, Princess Merida is definitely a familiar character. Yes, this princess is no other else but the main character of the movie. Merida is actually the eldest child of a king and queen couple with 3 other kids, who are in fact triplets. Her father is known as King Fergus. It seems that some of her characteristics come from her father, including her brave personality. From her father, she also learns to be a good archer. The fact is that she is actually considered as a skilled archer too in the story. The bow that she owns is a gift she obtains from her father too.

princess merida and her family training eagles coloring pages
Being compared to her mother, Queen Elinor, someone who can transform into a black bear, Merida looks so different. It is not actually about her physical look because if seen physically, Merida is quite the same with her mothers, except for the hair.

It is just that her mother looks so elegant and feminine while Merida is in fact a bit tomboyish. The ways she dresses and do her hair as seen in Merida coloring pages are also different from her mother’s.

As a princess, Merida is not only known as a daughter and sister. She is also known as the owner of Angus, a Scottish Clydesdale horse.

The physical look of her horse seems to match her personality quite the most. This horse does not only look tough because of the black color. It is a powerful horse. That is why she can trust it in many ways.

princess merida and king fergus coloring pages

princess merida and queen elinor coloring pages

disney princess merida coloring pages

princess merida and her horse angus coloring pages

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