Elmo Valentine Coloring Pages

Valentine's Day is a day that is quite close with some colors that can be used to represent love, such as red, pink, and also white. That is why Elmo is a really cute character that can also be involved quite perfectly in this special celebration because of his bright red color that is simply suitable with the color of heart and love. Instead of giving Elmo doll for those I love, it seems to be fun for me to share some Elmo Valentine coloring pages for all of you to download freely.

elmo with flower bouquet for valentine coloring pages
In the special Valentine edition, Elmo can actually be anything since this Sesame Street's character basically looks cute in any way. He looks so cute while wearing a pair of artificial wings on his back and bringing a quite heart-shape box of chocolate, a type of gift that is also quite popular in Valentine's Day. Elmo can also pretend to be a cupid, complete with his bow and arrow. He is ready to share love here and there just like what cupid usually does.

elmo holding flower for valentine coloring pictures
In the coloring pages I share, there is also a picture of Elmo giving a bouquet of flower. This can be taken as simple introduction about Valentine for kids. You can tell them that in Valentine's Day a bouquet of flower can also be a really special gift in Valentine other than chocolate, which is known to be the most common one. Introducing Valentine' Day to kids with Elmo as the main medium can certainly be easier to do because Elmo is a quite familiar character among kids in most parts of the world.

elmo valentine coloring pages
elmo coloring pages for valentine day
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