Hello Kitty Valentine Coloring Pages

For kids who love Sanrio, celebrating Valentine by coloring these Hello Kitty Valentine coloring pages can be perfect. Moreover, this Kitty is also known to be the one that looks perfect whenever she is dressed in pink or red color. This color combination can be even perfect for Valentine because of the fact that her basic color is white, which is no other else but another color of love besides pink and red.

hello kitty with valentine heart coloring pages
Hello Kitty actually also has an experience in celebrating Valentine’s Day. This is shown in an episode of The Adventure of Hello Kitty and Friends series entitled Picture Perfect. In this episode, it is shown that Dear Daniel, another character that can be found in the series that is also known to be the male version of Hello Kitty because of the quite high level of similarities between them both, take Hello Kitty to a fancy restaurant in order to celebrate the special day but some unfortunate event occurs because of the fact that Daniel does not have quite enough money to pay everything.

hello kitty coloring pages for valentines day
Even if there are not quite a lot of episodes in which Hello Kitty is seen celebrating the very special day, there are still quite a lot of scenes that seem to be perfect to picture Valentine and I use those as the main material of the coloring pages. Those can be Hello Kitty with a cute shape Valentine balloon, Hello Kitty with cupid dress, Hello Kitty with heart shape objects, and many others.

hello kitty be my valentine coloring pages
hello kitty flower valentine coloring pages
hello kitty with valentine balloon coloring pages printable

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