Yo Gabba Gabba Muno Coloring Pages

According to Greek Mythology, Cyclops can simply be explained as single-eyed creature. Since it is so, of course Muno, as seen in these Yo Gabba Gabba Muno coloring pages, also belongs to the same species. Please do not think that Muno is a scary one because he only has one eye. The fact that you have to know is that Muno is a very cute Cyclops that is very friendly to anyone he meets.

yo gabba gabba muno eating sandwich coloring pages
Other than his friendly characteristic, Muno is a Gabba that is quite popular because of his clumsiness. This nature of his often makes him break a lot of stuff. Even he sounds to be quite lacking because of this, beneath it all he is a Gabba that loves to learn. It is especially when he meets new things. If that is so, he is certainly a good example for all of us, especially for kids who still have a very lot of things to known and learn in this world.

yo gabba gabba muno coloring pages

In a glance, Muno looks like a cactus monster because of his shape and also a kind of spike features that he has on all over his body. Even so, he is not. As stated before, he is a Cyclops. His color is red and he has a pair of fangs that pops out from his mouth. The only facial expression that he shows in the TV show is the smiley one. It seems that he do not have other special expressions just like Brobee that can change from smiley into frown face.
muno coloring pages

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