Chak De Phattey!

"Hey! What does this phrase "exactly" mean?" I have been asked again and again, especially after the movie 'Chak De', and every time I had to come out with some weird examples. For obvious reasons I can't say, it means "Lift the wooden planks and pull the lever." Today, when someone asked me this again, I decided to do some googling.

The phrase is: Chak De Phattey; Nap De Killi.

So, moral of the story is Chak De Phatte is used when one is in full Josh and determined to achieve some positive results. Not literally, but it's like saying 'Let's do it!'

Vaise I have also heard him saying:
Chak De Phatte, Nap De Killi
Subhe Jalandhar, Sham Nu Dilli...

This Jalandhar to Delhi journey is still a mystery. 
Well if I start in an Amritsar Shatabdi at 6:15 am, I will reach Delhi by 11:15 am(unless of course its not foggy). So, is it not like: Subhe Jalandhar, Dopahar Nu Delhi?? 
Ok, now if this saying goes back to a few decades back when transportation was not as good as now, then of course it does make sense!

So, I can say that it is like an example to the above moral of the story indicating that nothing's impossible.
From Jalandhar, yaad aaya, happened to watch 'Jugni Chali Jalandhar' yesterday. Funny sound effects. It was fun listening to some typical Punjabi dialogues. :D

By the way, Chak De was a good movie. I liked it. SRK acted well and so did everyone else.

People have been lately complaining that I think a lot. 3 days off from office, and what can one do if one is tired of being tired?? Listen to music and..... what else?(Exclude the option of reading books, surfing and watching TV/movies because of some circumstances)
Thinking is a convinient option. So I think. Weird?? Illogical?? About Chak De?? I can't help it! And I don't complicate things, they get complicated.
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Write by: RC - Saturday, March 28, 2009

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