A jounrney..

Between those trees tall and green,
Smelling the flowers and air clean,
I walked..
Afraid and anxious,
And a bit curious,
But, I walked..

Fear of being lost,
Was getting me on my nerves,
Still, I walked..

Sparrows were chirping and dancing,
There was football in hands of boys munching,
And, I walked..

On those unknown roads,
I saw a palace with swords,
Yet, I walked..

As I looked here and there,
I sensed there wasn't any reason to have fear,
I continued, to walk..

It was all so beautiful,
Cheerful and colorful,
So, I walked..

A smile came on my face,
As I walked with grace,
Yes, I walked..
Yes, I walk..
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Write by: RC - Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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