Today, in the bus..

I was relieved to see an empty window seat when I entered bus at 6:15PM and occupied it.
5 minutes later Y came and sat next to me.
Y started closing the window.
I stared at her. Y stopped.
Y: Can you close the window.
VOMIB: Oh No! Not again. It’s so hot these days.
Me: Stop cribbing VOMIB.
Me: Yes, I can.
VOMIB: Doesn’t mean that you will.
( I didn’t close the window :P)
Y: Can you please close the window?
VOMIB: Hello Ma’am, remember what you did in morning? You didn’t open the window on Pari’s request so she is not gonna close it now..
Me: Ehhh.. actually I feel suffocated with closed windows.
Y: Actually my hair will start flying.
VOMIB: Oh really! Do they have wings?
Me: Eh Yeah.. ok.. ok, I will close it till here. I feel that should be ok.
Y: Fine.
VOMIB: Grrr. What fine?
Me: Fine.

For those of you who don't know, VOMIB is Voice Of My Intelligent Brain.
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Write by: RC - Tuesday, March 31, 2009

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