LEGO Ninjago Zane Coloring Pages

Zane is definitely a cool-looking character in Lego Ninjago series and it is the very basic reason why I create LEGO Ninjago Zane coloring pages to be shared here so that you can download them all to be given to your kids when they do not really have anything else to do. In Ninjago, Zane is an ice ninja. It might be the reason why he is designed to be white in color. Just like any other good ninjas in the series, Zane is also available in some different looks. In this case, the difference can be seen in the suits that he wears.

In DX series, which is the abbreviation of Dragon eXtreme, for example, his ninja suit is still white in color.

Even so, it does not look the same with his regular ninja suit. The reason is because there is a dragon accent on it.

The color of this dragon accent is gold and it is so suitable to the golden weapon that he uses. Even this suit is special there is one other suit that looks so much better on him.

This suit is ZX suit. This suit is not only made of cloth because some golden armor is added to it. This golden armor can be seen on Zane’s shoulder and also the front part of his ninja mask.

Other than his ninja suits, the story of his early life is actually another things found to be so interesting. Zane is actually an artificial son of a doctor named Julien. When his ‘father’ died, he is recruited by Sensei Wu that seems to be the sensei of most major protagonist ninja characters in Ninjago series. Meeting Sensei Wu can be said to the starting point of his bright and brave life experience as a ninja in Ninjago series.

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