LEGO Ninjago Skulkin Coloring Pages

All coloring pages collections of Lego Ninjago that I provide for free here look cool to collect and are so perfect for kids. Those are not only limited in good characters collections but also the villain characters. Therefore, I also create LEGO Ninjago Skulkin coloring pages for you to download. For your information, in Ninjago series, Skulkin is also known to be called as the Skeleton Army. Yes, it is true that Skulkin is not only about a character but many. Based on Ninjago story, they come from the Underworld and their master is another skeleton character can be found in the series named Lord Garmadon.

In the army, actually there are quite a lot of characters that simply look the same.

Even so, some other characters have special features that make them looks extraordinary.

Let us say that there is the Samukai, who is no other but the king of the Underworld. His special features are 4 hands and also a kind of spear as his favorite weapon.

There are also 3 generals of different elements; Wyplash, Kruncha, and also Nuckal. Among these general, in my opinion Nuckal is the most interesting because there are spikes on his head.

Other Skulkin character which is also too interesting to miss is called as Krazi. Krazi is interesting because if compared to any other characters of Skulkin Army, he has more colors in his appearance. The colors are not only black and white but also red and blue. At a glance, it can be said that his appearance is so similar to a clown or more specifically to a jester. His weapon is another thing which is found to be extraordinary. Unlike any other armies of Skulkin, he prefers to use large golden bone as his weapon. When you are about to download the coloring pages here, you may not forget to download Krazi as well.

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Write by: Robbikal Karim - Tuesday, March 26, 2013

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