LEGO Ninjago Kai Coloring Pages

Lego Ninjago series is never perfect without the existences of some protagonist characters that are pictured to fight for the right in the story. With the same reason, any Ninjago collections, especially the ones owned by kids, are never perfect without LEGO Ninjago Kai coloring pages. For the fans of Ninjago series, it is so sure that Kai is a character that must be known. If you haven’t known about him before, he is known also as the Red Ninja of Fire. In his common life, here is the brother of Nya, who also belongs to Fire element. Therefore she also has the same outfit color with Kai.

Commonly, Kai is more known when he wears his complete ninja suit. As mentioned before, his suit is bright red in color.

Unlike any ordinary ninja suit, his suit is special because it is adorned with some gold accents in the mask and also armors on his shoulder.

This suit is actually called as the ZX suit of Kai. This suit is actually also worn by other protagonist ninja characters but the armors in the suit are not always gold in color. Some of them wear silver armor for this suit.

Even this suit can be said to be the most common for Kai, he is also known to appear in some different looks. There is a look when he is in his training suit. In this look, he does not wear any ninja mask so that his face is exposed. To collect all different appearances of Kai in the form of coloring pages, including this one when Kai’ face is clearly exposed, you can just download the coloring pages that I share here free of charge. The complete collection of Kai will certainly perfect to be downloaded for kids that they can spend some quality time coloring it.

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