LEGO Ninjago Venomari Coloring Pages

Completing your kids’ collections of Lego Ninjago can be done by downloading all LEGO Ninjago Venomari coloring pages that I provide for free in this page. Venomari is not a group of hero in the Lego series. Instead, this is a villain or enemy group. Venomari is a part of Serpentine tribes. From its name, it is so obvious that snake is a significant figure for this tribe. Even all characters can be found in this group are villain it does not mean that they are not good to collect. Instead, Lego Ninjago collections will never complete without them.

In Venomari tribe, although there might be a lot of characters available, there are only 4 characters which are more significant to the tribe.

The first one is Acidicus who is also the general in the tribe. His shape is so similar to the shape of a snake complete with fangs.

His weapon is Venomari staff. Other than him, there is Lizaru, who is no other but a great warrior of Venomari. Just like Acidicus, his body and outfit are all in green shades.

Other than the previous characters, which status seems to be quite high in the tribe of Venomari, there are also Spita and Lasha. It can simply be said that they are the soldiers of the tribe. If you download one of their coloring pages for your kids to color, it seems to be better for you to download the others as well because these four members are in one pack. There is no need to worry because each page is free.

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