Monster High Class Dance Coloring Pages

Here are more collections of Monster High coloring pages that you will certainly love to grab. This time, the series that I post is Monster High Class Dance coloring pages. As we all already know, these coloring pages are so suitable for little girls who are also fans of the TV series or dolls of Monster High.
monster high class dance coloring pages

Actually, there are 6 different characters that are involved in this series. Even so, I only make 4 of them for the coloring pages. Maybe someday I will make the rest of them to make the collections complete. The first character that I made was Lagoona Blue with her special outfit and also pink straps shoes. After her, there is Operetta with the iconic heart feature on her face. This time she looks rather different because the color of this facial feature matches the color of her red hair perfectly.

Other than those two characters, I also make the coloring page of Howleen Wolf who is also known as a part of the Wolf Family in Monster High. In Class Dance series, Howleen has this appearance with her pink curly hair tied neatly. This pink hair looks rather different by her hair in most appearances that is a kind of orange and rather short.

The last character in my coloring pages collection is Robecca Steam. This coloring page is made with inspiration from the real doll of Robecca in Dance Class series even some parts are rather different, including her hair that looks more flowing. monster high class dance lagoona blue coloring pagesmonster high class dance operetta coloring pagesmonster high class dance howleen wolf coloring pages
monster high class dance robecca steam coloring pages
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