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These Tinkerbell and Friends Coloring Pages are the ones that I post here as the companion for the coloring pages especially made with Tinker Bell theme. As we all know, Tinker Bell is a fairy that has a lot of friends. Other than Peter Pan, she also has a lot of fairy friends. And here I am, introducing some of them through them in my coloring pages that you can download to print.

All fairy friends of Tinker Bell are special because each of them has different style, look, and also personality. The first fairy friend of Tinker Bell is Iridessa.

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This fairy is in fact rather special because her skin tone is rather dark. Her appearance looks stunning in her yellow outfit. When it comes to profile, she is rather perfectionist and love to do her work properly unlike Tinker Bell that is often act carelessly in doing any task given to her. Next, there is Rosetta that is known to be a very elegant fairy that always acts in well-mannered ways.

Other than the two previous fairy coloring pages, I also share the coloring page of Silvermist that is in fact also a special-looking fairy. She is special because of her very long dark hair. Talking about hair, I also found that Fawn is a fairy character with special hair look. Her hair is also as long as Silvermist’s.

Even so, hers is not flown but braided. Lastly, there is Vidia that looks different not mainly because of her long hair, but more because of her different purple outfit. If other fairies wear short dresses, except Silvermist who wears midi dress, she wears exceptional top and also pants.
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disney tinkerbell coloring pages
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