Tinkerbell and Friends Coloring Pages

In Disney, princesses are not the only beauty characters that are popular among little girls, teens, or even adults. There are also fairies that I know to be as popular as the princesses of Disney. Among those fairies, there is one that can be said to be legendary.

This one is no other else but Tinker Bell, the active fairy with her cute green dress and up-do hair. This active and full of spirit characteristics are the ones that I found to be rather inspirational. Tinker is legendary because she is known since so long ago in the story of Peter Pan. For him, she is also a close friend.
tinkerbell and friends coloring pages
Other than the story of Peter Pan, Tinker Bell is also popular because of some movies in which she is the main character. Those movies are including; Tinker Bell, Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure, Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue, and some others.

The Tinkerbell coloring pages that I share here are of course recommended for you to grab and then give to your kids or little sisters. It is not only because Tinker is so famous among kids. It is also because the ones that I created are rather easy to color. There is not much complicated design that I included. Moreover, the numbers of color needed are not that many also. There is only one page that I made to be more special because it is also completed with a background to color so that coloring is better be done under adults guidance.
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