Fans Art - My Little Sisters and Her Friend Coloring Ariel

This time I do not post some coloring pages for you to download. Instead, I will share some photos of my little sisters who colored some pages taken from my website. Kia is the older (green t-shirt), Anin (cute littlest girl) and their friend, Anggi (pink dresses).

At that time I saw just them do nothing in their school holiday. Since I had free time too, I decided to print some of my coloring pages to be given to them and also some of their friends who were also around. Among so many coloring pages that I have posted in this website, Ariel is the one they chose because it looks pretty. This coloring page can be found in Disney Princess Coloring Pages post.

Seeing their expression when I gave the coloring pages was just so relieving. It is not only because I knew that they would use the coloring pages to kill time, but also because I knew that they love the pages too. So, I decided to accompany them a while and see what they were doing. I took some photos also, the ones that I post here. I was just so glad that I could give them activity that could make them away from boredom during holidays.

Hopefully, this little story will be something informational and of course beneficial for you. If you want to share some photos of your little sister or brother or even your kids who are coloring the pages I share here, just like the photos that I just posted, feel free to send them to me via email.
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